Saint Germain – Ascended Master Prophecy for the Aquarian Age

Saint Germain – Ascended Master Prophecy for the Aquarian Age

Saint Germain and Elizabeth Clare Prophet provide a cosmic history and a prophecy for the coming golden age.

Earth, a Crossroads in the Galaxy

Today I am going to tell you a story. It's a story about you, and it began a long time ago.

Our search for who we are, where we came from and where we are going takes us into the distant past, beyond the reckoning of historians—back to the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, back to the time when people from other worlds arrived on earth in spacecraft.Saint Germain, prophecy and earth's evolutions

The records and artifacts of ancient Sumer, Egypt, India and even the Incan civilization bear witness to these visitors from distant planets. They arrived here with superior technology some 500,000 years ago. The aliens were not benevolent, and they manipulated the evolutions of earth. They practiced genetic engineering and taught men the arts of war.

They were followed here by people from Maldek, a planet that at one time was in our solar system but was destroyed by warring factions. All that remains of Maldek is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. When the Maldekians began to incarnate on earth, they too brought an advanced science and a warlike nature.

The Mahabharata and Star Wars

The Mahabharata, an ancient Hindu text, talks about great battles, flying war chariots and advanced weapons of mass destruction. It all sounds like something out of George Lucas' Star Wars. But it is a vision of the past, not the future.

Earth has become a crossroads in the galaxy. She has many different evolutions—people who have their origins here, others who started out on other systems of worlds. Some are of the Light. Some have committed themselves to Darkness. Some are men, some are fallen angels who have taken embodiment, and some are angels of light. It is a complex tapestry.

Memories of Golden Ages on Lemuria and Atlantis

Our Long-Awaited Role: Help Saint Germain Make Aquarius a Golden Age

Our story is more than a chronicle of the coming of aliens. There were great golden-age civilizations on Lemuria and Atlantis. Many of us were there. We were guided by Masters and advanced Adepts. We knew and applied the laws of God, and we enjoyed a quality of life superior to what we have today.

Many of us have a soul memory of Lemuria and Atlantis. We have an inner awareness of past golden ages in which we played a part and we remember when, under the influence of the fallen angels, we betrayed our mentors.

This betrayal and the abuse of technology led to the sinking of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago. All that remains of that continent is the Ring of Fire, which traces the boundaries of the Pacific Ocean along the west coast of the Americas and the east coast of Asia. About a thousand years later Atlantis sank. The once great continents of Lemuria and Atlantis now lie beneath the oceans, their triumphs and their failures covered by the shifting sands of time.

Since then, the ages have rolled by like cars on a great Ferris wheel. Civilizations have risen, flowered, declined and disappeared. And the people of Lemuria and Atlantis have reincarnated again and again, making good and bad karma along the way. And today many have gravitated to the Americas.

Lightbearers in South America Play Key Role for Saint Germain

Blue flame earth, North and South AmericaIt is against this backdrop that you, the people of South America, are about to take your place on the stage of cosmic history. Your role, our role is to help the Ascended Master Saint Germain make the Aquarian age a golden age. This is a role you and I have been waiting lifetimes to play.

I personally feel that I have been languishing here and there around the world, just waiting for Saint Germain to come into my life.

Stop a moment and ask yourself: “Where have I been for the last 10,000 years? Who am I? Where have I come from? And where am I going?”

That's exactly what we're here to find out. So let's continue our voyage of self-discovery.

The Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius

Our Goal As Pisces Closes: To Realize the Son of God Within

There are twelve astrological ages, each about 2,150 years long. They take their names from the signs of the zodiac. The entire cycle of twelve ages spans about 25,800 years.

New ages are related to the “precession of the equinoxes.” In astronomy this is the slow backward rotation of the earth around its polar axis. As the earth so rotates, the point of the spring equinox moves through the signs of the zodiac, denoting which age we are in.

No one knows exactly when each age begins or ends, but we do know that we are in the waning days of the age of Pisces. Because of the precession, we move through the ages in reverse order. Prior to the age of Pisces, we were in the age of Aries and before that the age of Taurus, and so on. In each age we are destined to assimilate an attribute of God and express the positive aspects of the sign.

Jesus, Avatar of the Piscean Age

The opening of these epochs is often accompanied by the birth of an avatar, or God-man, who embodies the spirit of the age that he inaugurates. The age of Pisces brought the awareness of God as the Son, revealed to us in the Universal Christ personified in Christ Jesus.

Jesus came to show us how to walk the path of our personal Christhood so that we could realize the Son of God within ourselves. Jesus is the sponsor of the age of Pisces and the example of what we could have, and should have, become.

During this 2,150-year period, only the saints have achieved that goal.

An excerpt from a lecture given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Quito, Ecuador, published as a Pearl of Wisdom, vol. 39 no. 5 Quito, Equador, March 1996.

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