The Vessel of Kindness by Kuthumi

The Vessel of Kindness by Kuthumi

Kuthumi, also known as Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, or the Master K.H., is known as the Master Psychologist and a sponsor of youth.  Here is an excerpt from The Vessel of Kindness,” published as a Pearl of Wisdom®.

“…If you will rest your heart on kindness, I guarantee that you will acquire many other virtues in the process.

“In order to be kind you must be practical, you must be thoughtful, you must be about the business of your Father-Mother God. You must not waste time or energy. You must not be self-indulgent or subject to highs and lows.

“Always ready with the cup of kindness of the elixir of everlasting Life, you must maintain a vibration that is able to carry it and never be without it.

Kindness must acquire wisdom lest people take advantage of your kindness and not receive it as a gift that is holy, to be treasured.

“Without power, then, how will you propel kindness abroad in the land? Therefore, to fulfill the gem of kindness you must get, with all thy getting, the power of God.

“Well, how do you get the power, beloved, if you do not harness your free will to the will of God?

“So now you see, to embody the kindness of the Buddha you must know, of course, the will of God and adore it and embody it. This is kindness to God and yourself with a motive.

“As with the sling, it is the pulling back so that there is energy in letting go for the delivery of kindness that will heal a soul.

“Kindness must develop in you memory or systems of memory that you might remember to pray for so many who need that kindness, and pray for them by name.

“My beloved, see, then, the facets of the snowflake, of the jewel. See kindness at the heart and see all of the extensions of that particle in geometric formation being as a lace pattern so that by the power of the hexagon you can in all directions radiate kindness.

“Thus the Path is for those who are shaping their desirings, who love the desirings of God in their hearts, who sing, “Jesus, joy of man's desiring…,” and truly know the fullness of that joy.

“O minister to life, beloved, and more! Now embark upon your true mission to be world teachers. If you desire to place yourselves under our tutelage, come to the ranch [Royal Teton Ranch] if you will. And if you cannot, study where you are.

“But be assured that when you apply to us, we will begin that course and direct you in the ways of the training that you need. And if you call to us, we will see to it that you will encounter every individual on earth whom your karma requires you to contact and give the gift of understanding.

“Is not the gift of understanding the gift of kindness?

“Aye, it is. Surely it is.

“Is there no greater unkindness than to leave someone in ignorance?

“I think not. More harsh than a thrashing is to be so insensitive to the pleading of a soul bound by the ignorant carnal mind as to leave that one without the understanding whereby the soul might escape from the prison house of that carnal mind.

Kuthumi Helping Us with Our Psychology

“I AM Kuthumi. This Messenger has been my disciple for centuries on and off in the Himalayas between other incarnations. The bond is very close, beloved. You can trust this heart as an open door to my heart.

“And as some of you may not know, I come specifically on a mission to assist you in the resolution of your psychology, your relationships and your ties to Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit. I will always come to you when you call to me.

“And, yes, I will be a part of your ‘master mind alliance' as you form tight alliances with trusted friends, devotees on the Path with whom you share a crystal vision of a world to come, with whom you have plans for a specific project.

“If you use the “I AM Light” decree with all of its visualizations and mantric force, if you will take the teachings the Messenger has given and give the call to the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self to enter the superconscious, the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious mind, you will find yourself day by day more in control of these four lower bodies, who are your servants, each one a vessel for the fulfillment of your mission.

“I come with profound compassion.

“And compassion, is it not a form of kindness?

“I come with it, beloved, for I know that the touch of compassion as I touch your heart, caress your cheek and smooth the brow does make you aware that one loves you, that it is I, that I understand, that I am with you…

“Take the ‘I AM Light' decree as a mantra. Give it nine or thirty-three times for nine or thirty-three days. See how I can help you in your circumstance.

Circumstance is but a grid of consciousness consisting of your karma and your psychology. If you change these, you will change your circumstance.

I will show you how but it is not lawful for me to provide the energy. By giving the mantra, you give me the energy.”

From the Pearl of Wisdom®, The Vessel of Kindness, vol. 34 no. 33, Beloved Kuthumi, Given in Seattle 1991 through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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