Meditation for Marriage

Meditation for Marriage

The Circle of Oneness Meditation

The Great White Brotherhood has released a ritual for the consecration of a marriage, the sacred union of husband and wife, and for the sealing of this interchange in the purity of God's love. It is from the meditation of the angels of love for the protection of holy matrimony:

“Stand together facing the chart of the I AM Presence and make your inner attunement with the star of your divinity.

Meditate upon your heart and the flame therein and behold the arc ascend into the center of the Divine Monad.

Now take your right hand and dip it into the fires of your heart and draw the circle of our oneness around yourselves as you stand in adoration of the One. Visualize this circle, twelve feet in diameter, as a line of sacred fire. It is your ring-pass-not. Within that circle of oneness is the forcefield of Alpha and Omega; and you focus the T'ai Chi, the plus and minus of energies, where you are.” And the cherubim must be invoked daily “for they are the guardians of love in the planes of Mater.”

A vital mission awaits those whose energies are in harmony with divine love.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet relates:

“I have seen twin flames whose love was never abated, who could hold the balance for an entire city and whose daily invocations would be the transmutation of hatred and of crime and of murder, holding that inner balance….

“This is an high and holy calling. It's not for the mundane who desire the pleasure cult and its sensuality. This is the real inner path for those who understand that there is a cosmos aborning within us, that there's a world to be saved, that millions of souls need our love and therefore it can never be a selfish love.”

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