Mark Prophet Loved the Mystical Paths of East and West

Mark Prophet Loved the Mystical Paths of East and West

Mark Prophet knew that deep down inside, people are trying to find God—whether they call him the Christ or the Buddha, the Tao or Brahman. His lifelong goal was to help everyone he met realize more of that spiritual essence.

How to Become a Mystic

He also believed that there is a spark of the divine within each of us and that we can contact that God within. Even before it was fashionable, Mark was teaching spiritual seekers how to become mystics. The mystic believes that he can gain direct knowledge of God through subjective experience and intimate communion with the All in all.

Mark Loved the Mystical Paths of East and West

Raised in the Christian tradition, he later experimented with the teachings of the Eastern adepts and came to a deep appreciation of the unity of all the world's religions.

The Hindu yogi, the Taoist sage, the Buddhist monk, the Christian mystic—he believed we could learn from them all, and he did. He was as happy meandering through the sublime passages of the Bhagavad Gita as he was reading about the lives of the Christian saints. And he was as comfortable meeting with the Dalai Lama as he was conversing with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

He made a pilgrimage to India with sixty devotees to probe the mysteries of each one's unique transcendental union with God. Though Mark had spiritual powers from childhood, he sat at the feet of gurus and holy men who practiced the secret traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters

For more than twenty years Mark dedicated himself to teaching and publishing the wisdom of the Eastern and Western adepts. He walked with them through the pages of their writings until he became one with them. And in all of their teachings he detected the single golden thread that creates unity out of diversity: the realization that each of us can experience our own intimate relationship with God.

Practical Spirituality

Mark Prophet's approach to spirituality is a practical one. He bases his lessons on universal spiritual laws but translates the nuances of the spirit into language we can all understand and immediately apply to our life's journey. Teresa of Avila, a supremely practical mystic, once counseled the sisters of her order, “The Lord walks among the pots and pans.” There, she said, “is where love will be seen: not hidden in corners.”

Mark, too, has an uncanny way of portraying, as if in bas-relief, the opportunities for spirituality that we can chisel out of the seemingly ordinary circumstances of everyday life. For he believed that that's where spirituality matters most and reveals its best face—in our daily life.

Perhaps most importantly, he shows us how refreshing it is to laugh at our own humanness—and how ennobling it can be to weave into our daily rhythms the wisdom of our highest self. As Mark would say, it's okay to be human as long as you remember you're divine.

What is Mark's Secret?

What is Mark's secret? It is his love for all people. Because, on contact, he was acquainted with their innermost being.

Mark had a magnanimous heart. He reached out to touch and heal all whom he met through the transfer of light from his heart to theirs. He read their hearts. He knew their pain. He gave comfort to the meek and wisdom to those who could hear it.

Let this mystic of mystics quietly enter your heart, take you by the hand and lead you to the secret chamber of your heart. He will open the door and reveal to you the eternal flame your Maker sealed in that chamber. And he will tell you that that flame is your flame of immortality that you must tend daily with your own special prayers.

Mark Prophet – the Ascended Master Lanello

Mark Prophet is a servant of God and of the God who lives within you. At the conclusion of his final sojourn on earth, he attained union with God and became one with the immortals. If you walk with him a mile or two, he will teach you and love you until the hour of your soul's fulfillment.

Try him. Test him. You will find him to be one of your best friends on earth and in heaven.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, from the Preface of “The Answer You're Looking for Is Inside of YouA Common-Sense Guide to Spiritual Growth

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