On Mark Prophet by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

On Mark Prophet by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

In 1958 Mark Prophet founded The Summit Lighthouse. Mark met Elizabeth Clare Wulf in 1961 and they were married two years later. On February 26, 1973, Mark Prophet died of a stroke. He reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension and is now known as the Ascended Master Lanello.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Shares Her Thoughts on Mark Prophet

“I knew Mark for twelve blessed years. He gave me so much love, so much wisdom and a sense of the universal self that impels us to the heights of our ultimate reality.

“Mark’s lectures are inimitable. They teach you how to break the bread of life, how to trust your deepest instincts and how to know the God within.

“And he transmits to you his strong spiritual tie to the adepts and ascended masters of the Far East, whom he knew so well.

Through Mark I came to know who I am in the present and who I could become in the eternal now. He gave me a true sense of my wholeness and he was the only man I ever met who told me he loved my soul. Until then I didn't even know that my soul had worth.

“As you read Mark’s many lectures or listen to him, you will—here subtly, and there with a big WOW!—come to an awareness of being, your being, that no other prophet or pastor has ever been able to unlock for you.”

“What is Mark’s secret?

“It is his love for all people. Because, on contact, he was acquainted with their innermost being.

Mark had a magnanimous heart. He reached out to touch and heal all whom he met through the transfer of light from his heart to theirs.

“He read their hearts. He knew their pain. He gave comfort to the meek and wisdom to those who could hear it. Mark was and is “a man for all seasons.”

Let this mystic of mystics quietly enter your heart, take you by the hand and lead you to the secret chamber of your heart.

He will open the door and reveal to you the eternal flame your Maker sealed in that chamber. And he will tell you that that flame is your flame of immortality that you must tend daily with your own special prayers.

Mark Prophet is a servant of God and of the God who lives within you. At the conclusion of his final sojourn on earth, he attained union with God and became one with the immortals.

If you walk with him a mile or two, he will teach you and love you until the hour of your soul's fulfillment.

Try him. Test him. You will find him to be one of your best friends on earth and in heaven.”

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