Lose Yourself in Service through Love…

Lose Yourself in Service through Love…

…and You Will Pass Every Test

This post on service to the Light is excerpted from a recent Pearl of Wisdom (Vol. 61 No. 27) by Pelleur. To receive your Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions early each month – either printed or as EPUB files for any mobile device – go to Pearls of Wisdom subscriptions.

I will give you, then, the cure for the human consciousness, for human rebellion, and for the karma of a planet and a people. And the cure is this: that every man and every woman and every child should lose himself in service and in the sacred labor of working the works of God upon earth.

The Luciferians come to the chelas on the Path in an attempt to convince them that other concerns have priority—the concerns of the little self, its self-imposed suffering, its self-imposed struggle. I say, break the bonds of the entire nightmare of an unreality that has naught to do with the true initiations of the Path! I say, lose yourself in service and through love—love for God in man—and you will pass every test along the way.

As you prefer the flame of life in one another, as you lift up your hearts and heads and behold, by the vision of God, the priorities of the needy and the hungry, of all of elemental life waiting to be nourished by your flame, of so many who suffer the pangs of separation from God, you will see by that vision that there is not time to worry about the little self.

Let us be up and doing, then! Let us go forth in the edict of the Lord to take dominion over the earth! There is a community to be built. There are sacrifices to be made. There are souls who hunger. Why tarry in the dregs of selfishness and self-conceit? There is no dichotomy; only in darkness is there division. But in the light of the flame of Reality, in the realization of the One and the Presence of love, all is Real.

I, Pelleur, speak to you who have been given the opportunity to take dominion in the earth. I say, lose yourself in service to the light, to lifewaves teeming, multitudes teeming. I say, be not concerned with the preferences and the prejudices, the sensitivities and oversensitivities of that little self.

For that little self will consume you! It will take all of your energy, all of your time, and it will return to you nothing! You must forget those things that are behind you and press forward toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

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