Krishna – Incarnation of the Godhead

Krishna – Incarnation of the Godhead

Avatar and Christ Figure of India

I AM Presence, Brahma Vishnu ShivaKrishna is a divine being, an incarnation of the Godhead, an avatar. He is one of the most celebrated Indian heroes of all time. He has captured the imagination and devotion of Hindus everywhere in his many forms—whether as a frolicking, mischievous child, as the lover of shepherdesses, or as the friend and wise counselor of the mighty warrior Arjuna.

Krishna's Birthday

Krishna Janmashtami, the Hindu festival commemorating the birth of Krishna, always falls within mid-August to mid-September in the Gregorian calendar. The day is marked by fasting and prayer.

Krishna teaches Arjuna about the Four Yogas

Krishna's story is told in the Bhagavad Gita, the most popular religious work of India, composed between the fifth and second centuries B.C. and part of the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata.

Bhagavad Gita means “Song of God.” It is written as a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna. Arjuna is Krishna's friend and disciple.

Krishna teaches Arjuna about the four yogas, or paths of union with God, and says that all the yogas should be practiced. The four yogas are knowledge (jnana yoga), meditation (raja yoga), work (karma yoga) and love and devotion (bhakti yoga).

By self-knowledge, by meditation on the God within, by working the works of God to balance karma and increase good karma and by giving loving devotion, we fulfill the four paths of the four lower bodies—the memory body, the mental body, the desire body and the physical body.

Krishna – Christ Consciousness

We can see Arjuna as the archetype of the soul of each of us and Krishna as the charioteer of our soul, one with our Higher Self, our Holy Christ Self. We can see him occupying the position of the Holy Christ Self on the Chart of Your Divine Self, as the Mediator between the soul and the I AM Presence. He is universal Christ consciousness.

Heal Your Inner Child

When we send devotion to Krishna through mantra and sacred song, we open a highway of our love to the heart of Krishna, and he opens the other half of the highway. He sends back our devotion multiplied by his manyfold.

Lord Krishna has pledged to help heal the inner child as we sing mantras and bhajans to him. (See How to ask for Lord Krishna's help).

Excerpted from The Masters and Their Retreats, and from the Summit Lighthouse booklet, Finding Spiritual Meaning in a Changing World.

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