Karma and Reincarnation – The Open Door

Karma and Reincarnation – The Open Door

Karma and Reincarnation
Learn more about karma and reincarnation. We’ll discuss how you can effectively balance your karma and return home to God’s heart without having to undergo another round of embodiment.

Karma and Reincarnation” Podcast

As we sow, so shall we reap. In a nutshell, that is the essential cause and effect nature of karma.

We’ve all got karma AND we’ve all been here before…often. In fact, it has taken us many lifetimes to amass all the karma—good and bad—that we have made.

What can we do about handling our karmic debts?

In a magnificent act of selfless service, Jesus chose to hold our returning karma at bay until we were strong enough to bear it ourselves.

Jesus’ great act of love bought us a 2,000-year karmic reprieve, but the bill has come due. The responsibility for balancing our karma is still ultimately ours….every “jot and tittle.”

Learn how good karma and bad karma accumulate from our daily actions on the cosmic ledger of our lifestreams, affecting our lives in and out of embodiment.

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