Jesus, I bid you enter my whole temple now!

Jesus, I bid you enter my whole temple now!

This is an excerpt from the dictation by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ on July 5, 1991 through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

My Heart/Thy Heart – I Love You!

jesus christI come to cleanse. I come to feed you. I come to restore you.

I come to assist you that you might be able to respond to my call, for the responsive chord shall be myself in you.

O receive me this day! I, Jesus, stand at the door of your heart and knock, even at the door of the secret chamber of your heart.

I would enter. Would you have me enter, my beloved?

I come quietly, softly, gently. I will not jar you. I am truly the Good Physician and I have come to repair both the house and its occupant.

I ask you to accept me in the deepest levels of your being.

If you can do this, beloved, defying the forces of Darkness that have taken up their abode in the unconscious levels of being, at the subconscious, even at conscious awareness and levels of the etheric body—if you can, though standing before me as the shorn lamb, yet defy the force of Antichrist that has managed to enter at so many unguarded doors of consciousness, if you can hold that will and determination, I shall truly enter.

As I have said to you, “Occupy till I come,” so I say to you now, allow me to occupy.

For I must have your assent, your consent, beloved, to enter any secret, sacred part of your being that you have kept most private, compartments of shame or self-glory or self-deprecation.

Whatever they be, beloved, I ask you (for your free will must have its day) to simply say:

Jesus, I bid you enter my whole temple now!
By my free will, by my God-dominion, I welcome you!
And I let go of everything, my Lord.

So be it. It is done and I am entering, beloved.

If you give this fiat regularly, then each time your being passes through the cleansing fires of my heart and is washed by the waters of the Word I incarnate, you shall find again and again the opportunity to receive me.

This is an excerpt of a dictation given by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ during the conference, “FREEDOM 1991.” The full dictation is published in Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 34 No. 41.

The Pearls of Wisdom® have been published by The Summit Lighthouse since 1958. The Pearls of Wisdom contain authentic teachings of the Ascended Masters—the mystics and sages of East and West who have attained union with God.

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