58. The Mystery of Surrender

  • When you give the rosary you seem to give it with so much more feeling than we hear in the churches. Why?
  • How is your concept of the Lord's Prayer revolutionary?
  • What is the I AM Lord's Prayer?
  • Don't you think that a lot of people will see this as the ultimate ego trip?
  • Why is this the true mystic's prayer?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, when you give the rosary you seem to give it with so much more feeling than we hear in the churches. Why?

Elizabeth Clare ProphetSome have made of the rosary a hypnotic charm, a superstition, an exercise in rote, a dead ritual, a vain repetition of words. But this does not mean we cannot go to the core of the teaching and discover the fount of Mother life that is within us.

Giving the Hail Mary becomes the salutation to an energy source that is paralleled in nature. It is as powerful as nuclear energy. It is like the oil that rushes from the center of the earth. The rushing of the energy of Mother from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head is like that very phenomenon but even more intense—it is like a volcano erupting.

The harnessing of the energy of this intense cosmic force is what makes life in Matter hum. Our bodies do not hum if we have not tied in to our own natural resource. When we release the spiritual fire within our own microcosm, we are also setting up a meditation forcefield that extends throughout the earth because Mother Mary always magnifies that forcefield.

Mother Mary said, “My soul doth magnify the LORD.” LORD is a term for “Law.” Mary is magnifying the Law of God, the inner blueprint, the inner design of all the sons and daughters of God on earth. Therefore we say in the Hail Mary, “Pray for us, sons and daughters of God, now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease and death.”

As we take the hand of the angels and the hosts of the LORD, we take Mother Mary's hand and we know that she is leading us in the path of dominion over the earth. The Great Law states: as Above, so below—as without, so within.

The salutation to the Mother within always parallels the salutation to the Mother above, or the Mother who is in heaven. This is not only Mary the Mother but every saint of East and West who has realized oneness with the great Mother force.

Mrs. Prophet, how do you answer those who say that this kind of adoration for Mother is somehow or other unmanly?

Well, it's just as silly as thinking that it is unwomanly to pray to God the Father. All of us need Father, all of us need Mother, all of us need the balance of these forces within.

How can we get this energy, Mrs. Prophet, and get it quickly?

We cannot pour old wine into new bottles. So the secret is to get rid of the old wine and the old bottles, which means not only the old doctrine and dogma that we have been fed as gruel for a couple of thousand years, but also the misqualified substance within our own subconscious.

The best way to do this is to surrender to the reality of the Real Self within. We do not surrender to an outer tyrannical god that we have manufactured by our anthropomorphic sense of God, but we surrender to the Law, or the Lord, of our own being. We surrender to the alchemy, the very chemistry, of our cells and atoms, to the harmony of the stream of life that is flowing within us.

This surrender is the alchemy whereby we receive the influx of the light of God and can attain to that power, wisdom and love that all the saints have known. To help us do this, Mother Mary has dictated the Fourteenth Rosary: The Mystery of Surrender.

What can we learn about surrender from the Fourteenth Rosary?

14th Rosary of SurrenderIt's a known fact that we kill ourselves with what we eat, not with what we don't eat. Americans are overfed materially and they are overfed spiritually with so much stuff that there is literally a spiritual constipation and the life of a cosmos cannot flow through the chakras. The Fourteenth Rosary helps us get rid of all the debris so that the light of God already within us can simply flow.

Mother Mary tells us:

Surrender! Surrender to this law within, all that which is anti-Mother, anti-God, anti-the-Real-Self—all of these schisms and divisions that are fabricated within the subconscious. Let go of everything! Give everything to God and understand that it's like carrying your dirty wash to the laundromat. You put it in, it comes out clean. You give to God everything that you are and he gives back to you everything cleaned and purified.

If we can just open our hands and let go and let all of our energy, our life, our successes, our failures, our desires, our not-desires flow into the flame, then we will find that a great purge of the Holy Spirit will come upon us. We will be relieved of momentums of lifetime upon lifetime of incorrect consciousness.

As God flows in, his energy flushes out the impurity and we find ourselves standing in the very midst of this central sun of being that is our own I AM Presence.

The mystery of surrender is the moment of our dying unto unreality. It's the moment of letting go of each justification of the human ego—our false sense of responsibility, our false pride, our false humility, all of the burdens of sophistication with which we have cloaked the soul, the fad consciousness, the herd consciousness, which takes us farther and farther and farther from the center of our own Reality.

Mother Mary says: “Let go of the things that you think you must have. Let go of the things that you think in your pride you will never do or the things that you think you will always do. Let go of all human attachments. Let go of every ambition except God's desiring within you to be God.”

Why let go? Because it is freedom. It's the only freedom we will ever know—the freedom of nonattachment that the Buddha teaches. As soon as we let go of something, it returns to us—not as it was but in a purified form, in the form in which it ought to be for us to live our life according to the inner divine plan.

Mrs. Prophet, I remember that once you said, “Surrender the mortal and God returns the immortal.” This is what you're saying now, is it not?

It's really true. If we are willing to see that this mortal will die in any case and that God gives us the option of surrendering it now so that he can return to us our immortality, we really begin to realize what is this game of life.

Why are we on earth? What are we doing here? What are all of these experiences for?

They are for precisely this: God wants us to show him within this crucible of our experience that we are willing to give back to him all that he has given us, and in that willingness he bestows upon us immortal life.

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