49. The Divine Mother

  • Who is the Divine Mother?
  • What is the purpose in having a new rosary?
  • How does ritual help us realize ourselves as one with the rhythm of the universe?
  • What does ritual have to do with alchemy?
  • What is the source of subconscious alienation?

What does “Mother” really mean?

Mother is a fountain of life that is deep inside, and it is awakened in our life by our earthly mother. The tie that we have to mother on earth is intended to be a tie to Mother in heaven. Unfortunately, not all earthly mothers reflect our heavenly Mother, and sometimes we carry a deep-seated ambivalence regarding Mother and the meaning of Mother in our life.

Regardless of experiences that we have had, positive or negative, with the one we call mother, beyond the earthly veil is the Divine Mother shining through, playing hide-and-seek with us. In her laughter, in her sternness, in her eye we find the compassion of our Father.

Some have heard me say I am in love with the Buddha. Well, I can also tell you that I am in love with the Mother.

The Divine Mother takes many forms. I can remember discovering Mother Mary when I was in college in Boston. Having been brought up outside of the Catholic faith, I was alienated from Mary. This alienation was based on ignorance and misunderstanding and that inbred prejudice that we find in our culture regarding many aspects of life.

One day I received a communication, a copy of a dictation from The Summit Lighthouse—a dictation from by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, given through the messenger Mark Prophet, who later became my husband. I remember walking down the street on my lunch hour reading her dictation, and all of a sudden that fountain within me was quickened and I knew the presence of the Motherhood of God for the first time in this life. I knew it through that contact with the Blessed Virgin. Suddenly the whole earth and the sky and everything around me was filled with the presence of Mother Mary.

Mother Mary, a manifestation of the Divine MotherI felt Mary speaking directly to my heart. She was saying, “I am here. I am real. I am your Mother.” And I knew such a comfort and such a flame of oneness with the soul of one who magnified the LORD—one whom I had known before. I knew that Mary was not only the Mother of God but also a friend, an intimate of all who would seek her.

I later learned, as she explained it to me, that the appellation “Mother of God,” which men have given to her, is not something that should be an offense to us. The correct understanding of this title enables us to realize that the role of all feminine beings is to mother, or to nourish, the God flame incarnate on earth.

What does the role of the Divine Mother in everyday life mean?

What does this mean? It means that in our role as mothers, as sisters, as daughters and as wives we are on earth to exemplify a spark of God, as God is the universal Mother.

Mother Mary came to give birth to Jesus Christ, and therefore she nourished the flame of God that burned upon the altar of his heart and provided the form that cradled the infinite Spirit. She did this not as an exception to the rule, but as an example for all womankind to follow.

In this age of the rise of the feminine ray on earth and of woman coming into her own, we must examine our role as women. We must realize that whether we have a business or a household, children or a husband or a large project in the community, the flame that God has given us is the flame of Mother.

God is in every part of life and in order for that God to come forth, to blossom, to be realized by everyone, it must be nourished. We fan the flame with our love and with our devotion. And it is the God whom we worship in heaven whom we must give life to on earth.

I began to see that Mother Mary was not merely an exalted being, high and seemingly apart from us, but a friend who walks with us every day. From that moment on, I knew that Mother Mary was a part of my life and, indeed, that I had come to be her instrument to give her teachings to the world and to convey her understanding of our true role.

I ran down the street, entered a Catholic Church and knelt before her statue. I realized that her statue was not an idol but a focus of her own Electronic Presence, her own being. I called on the law of forgiveness for myself and all others who had ignorantly misunderstood her name, her role and her mission.

Elizabeth Clare ProphetEver since that day, I have walked in her service. And by and by after I was trained to be a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, Mother Mary began to release dictations to me concerning the woes of earth, the problems within the Church and her concerns about the rise of conspiracy East and West in politics and economics.

Mother Mary is a realistic, down-to-earth executive and administrator. She works hand in hand with us and wraps us in her mantle of living flame as we pray to her as the intercessor before the Father.

It is not at all difficult for me to understand both the role of the heavenly saints of the West and the great gurus of the East, for all are a part of the great mystical body of God. All contribute a certain focal point of consciousness to us whereby we on earth can be the step-down transformers for the cosmic energy that is our very life and yet must be translated through our consciousness, through our free will and through the threefold flame of life within our hearts.

Mother Mary releases the New Age Rosary

After many years had passed, Mother Mary appeared to me one fall morning in 1972 in the prayer tower of our retreat in Colorado Springs and she said:

I want to give you a ritual of the rosary for sons and daughters of God. It is to be a scriptural rosary for those who adhere to the true teachings of Christ as taught by the ascended masters. This rosary will be for the bringing in of the golden age.

It is to be used as a universal adoration of the Mother flame by people of all faiths. For, you see, the salutation “Hail, Mary” simply means “Hail, Mother ray” and it is an affirmation of praise to the Mother flame in every part of life. Each time it is spoken, it evokes the action of the Mother's light in the hearts of all mankind.

Mrs. Prophet, can you tell us more about the rosary?

Mother Mary has explained:

The rosary is a sacred ritual whereby all of God's children can find their way back to their immaculate conception in the heart of the Cosmic Virgin. The New Age rosary is the instrument for mankind's deliverance from the sense of sin and from the erroneous doctrine of original sin. For every soul is immaculately conceived by Almighty God, and God the Father is the origin of all of the cycles of man's being.

This is a most startling concept. Mary says:

That which is conceived in sin is not of God and has neither the power nor the permanence of Reality. All that is real is of God; all that is unreal will pass away as mankind become one with the Mother flame. The daily giving of the rosary is a certain means to this oneness.

When I pondered in my heart the meaning of our origin in God, I saw that God the Father and God the Mother have indeed created the soul immaculately. It is our sense of sin that has placed upon us this doctrine of damnation, this doctrine of original sin whereby from the moment we are born, without even having uttered a word or having had a thought or a feeling, we are considered to be miserable sinners.

I realized that man's true identity and origin in God are much more powerful than man's sense of sin and his misuse of God's sacred fire that resulted in what is known as the Fall. The Fall actually was the sin of disobedience to God, and for that disobedience we daily pay a great price. That price is our separation from God with all of the attendant pain and suffering, travail and disease that is upon the human race.

Mother Mary came to show us the way back to the state of grace through the giving of the Hail Mary and through meditation upon her blessed Son, Jesus. The rosary that she gave me was to eliminate the sense of sin and the sense of death. And therefore we give the Hail Mary as follows:

Hail Mary

Hail, Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us, sons and daughters of God,
Now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease and death.

Mother Mary said to me:

People must begin to understand and know that they are created in the image and likeness of God and to affirm that “Now are we the sons of God,” as John the Beloved said. And therefore, let the children of God look up to heaven and in dignity and nobility and sense of self-worth, give the call as the true son and the daughter of God.

Let us then pray for that Mother ray, not at the hour of death, for there is no death. My own Son proved that death is unreal, and therefore call for my intercession at the hour of your victory over sin, disease and death.

Mother Mary asks that we appeal to her in the hour of our victory over sin, disease and death because in that hour we must do battle with the forces of our own subconscious that resist the coming of the light of the Son of God into the temple of our being.

[Online recording of Mother Mary's new age rosary with Elizabeth Clare Prophet.]

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