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Episode: 7


New! Finding a Higher Love

A Spiritual Guide for Love, Sex and Relationships

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Episode 7: Sexuality And Spirituality



  • What is the truth about twin flames and soul mates?
  • What is the real meaning of sex?
  • Ultimate bliss—how do you get there?

Mrs. Prophet, what about soul mates and twin flames?

Twin flames are the opposite polarities of the same being. People in love often find that they feel in their oneness that they are part of each other. And this is the energy of love that comes from God, as God really is the source of love in our relationships.

Twin flames were created by God in the beginning out of the same white-fire sphere of consciousness. Each half of the whole has the same electronic pattern, or blueprint, and that blueprint is not duplicated anywhere in cosmos. Twin flames may often look alike and yet they are often opposite in their manifestations, as they are intended to be the totality of the Father-Mother God in expression.

Soul mates are complementary souls who are working out a polarity of manifestation in one of the planes of consciousness. Their tie is for a particular mastery in time and space, whereas the ultimate union with one's twin flame is for eternity.

The energies that twin flames share are the energies of God, and when these energies are consecrated to the glorification of the Real Self and of Reality, we find that joy and bliss and expansion of consciousness and creativity follow them wherever they go.

How likely is it that a person will find his soul mate or twin flame?

It is often very likely.

People incarnate and they travel halfway round the world to find that twin flame or they may find him or her living next door. It is because there is an inner magnet, an inner lodestone, that draws one to one's True Self, one's Inner Self, and to its representative in form. Longfellow's story of Evangeline is the story of the love of twin flames.

There is a lot of discussion about sexual matters these days, and talk about it being absolutely essential to be free in what one does. How do you feel about that?

The chakras and their colorsI look at the word sex as an abbreviated term for “sacred energy,” or “sacral energy.” Sex is the sacred energy of life. And the origin of that energy is in the base-of-the-spine chakra, the focus of the Mother light.

I don't deal with sex as being right or wrong but I deal with it as God's energy. I understand that the individual has free will, which is the gift from God to determine what he will do with that energy. He has the option to meditate upon the Trinity within the heart and the magnet of light within the heart to raise the energy of the sacred fire from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the upper chakras.

Kundalini and the Chakras

With the raising of the sacred fire, or Kundalini, comes an experience in each succeeding chakra—in the base of the spine, then the seat of the soul, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown. These centers are sacred centers for God-awareness.

The polarity of the centers is masculine. When we raise the Mother light, or the feminine energy, from the base of the spine, there is the fulfillment of wholeness in each succeeding chakra and we experience the bliss of attunement with the Father-Mother God and of wholeness.

Sex, then, is much more than a simple experience between man and woman. It is an intimate experience with God. The individual has been given a gift of energy; it is a portion of the Godhead. And a portion of that energy is anchored in each of the chakras.

We have the free will to decide what we will do with this energy. Many people have seen how easy it is through meditation and the giving of mantras to raise the sacred fire and to begin to have deep inner experiences in the mysteries of God.

The use of the sacred fire in sex can have its highest culmination in the bringing forth of children within the circle of a marriage dedicated to God. When it is not for the purpose of bringing forth children, it is for the purpose of the balance of energies between man and woman in the married state.

That balancing of energy may also be achieved by the raising of the energies up the spine and their consecration in each of the chakras until finally there is the opening of the thousand-petaled lotus through the crown chakra. The bliss of this experience cannot be described and it cannot be compared to any earthly bliss.

The bliss of this union of the Father-Mother God far outweighs that of any other union.

Are you saying that enlightenment is related to inner wholeness?

I would say enlightenment is related to the raising of the energies of the Mother to become one with the Father within the self.

Enlightenment comes through contact with God.

Mrs. Prophet, we've talked about the proper use of sexual energies. What about the misuse of sexual energies?

The misuse of sexual energies comes about in the overindulgence in sex and its perversions, which, as we are aware, are rampant on earth today. The normal flow of the sexual energies between man and woman united and blessed by their own inner God Presence is certainly ordained by the LORD.

But the misuse of the sacred fire, and therefore its dissipation, cuts off the natural attunement of the soul with the I AM Presence because the soul requires this sacred fire in order to rise to that higher level of consciousness which is union with the Godhead. We find that the misuse of sex and its proliferation in promiscuity contributes to disease, degeneration and disintegration.

Pieta, close-up of Mother Mary's faceIt has been said that Michelangelo was asked why the face of Mary in the Pietá was so young. His reply was that the virtuous woman is always young.

But it is not a matter of sin and virtue. It is not a matter of right and wrong. It is a matter of the conservation of the life force. When you conserve the life force, you have a greater quantity of God manifesting within the temple of your being.

When individuals by free will misuse sex through overindulgence, they are depriving themselves of cosmic consciousness. People who are overly sensual are usually very much involved in the things of this world and they deprive themselves of the inner bliss of the heaven-world that is within all of us.

This is the great loss, not because of sin or the sense of sin but because this misuse of the sexual experience has become a wedge between the self and the Godhead.

The thrust of so much of what you see in the media and read in books and literature these days seems to be directed toward persuading people to misuse their sexual energies. Why do you think this is happening?

The attempt to keep people in an eternal round of involvement in the things of this world is calculated to deprogram the soul from its natural inclination to rise. It is the soul's natural inclination to seek the inner union with the God Self. The soul yearns for this fulfillment.

Out of a sense of loneliness and because people do not have the Path presented to them, they satiate themselves in the activities of this life to the exclusion of seeking a spiritual path.

And they keep themselves going twenty-four hours a day because if everything stopped, they would be left with that gnawing feeling, that loneliness felt by the soul who has not been satisfied through the bliss experience that should be the daily experience of one's meditation.

So you're recommending meditation as an alternative?

>Chakra Meditations CDYes. I have given courses in meditation and in the use of the science of the spoken Word where I have seen young people and people of all ages raise the energies of the sacred fire naturally into higher chakras.

I have seen the blossoming of life. I have seen joy and health and radiant faces and soul fulfillment that the world could not conceive of. This could be achieved with the mastery of this energy.

In light of what you have said, what is Elizabeth Clare Prophet's advice to young people?

I would emphasize the fact that we have all been given this tremendous gift from God that is free will. The second tremendous gift we have been given is the use of God's energy. All energy that we use in thought, in feeling, words and actions and even in our sexual experience belongs to God.

What we have to realize is that we have only so much energy that we have been given and we must decide what we are to use it on. This energy is reflected in the quantity of time and space that is available to us each day.

We all experience limitations in what we can accomplish. Multiply this over a lifetime and you see that there is not an infinite portion but a finite portion of energy that is allotted to us.

I would tell young people, then: The sacred fire within you is your creative life force. Sex in the right context and in balance is a normal part of life on earth. But when it is not in balance, can be detrimental and in the extreme can ultimately lead to the death of the soul consciousness. You can put your creative life force to use for the elevation of the entire earth or you can squander it on the immediate indulgences of the senses.

I would encourage young people to take up the study of meditation, to study the science of the spoken Word, to experience these sacred energies in all of the chakras and not just in the base of the spine.

This is altogether possible and you can begin today. And the experiences that you can have, beginning right now, are phenomenal! There is a world of light and joy waiting for the individual who will just try to enter into meditation and the use of scientific mantras.

The Summit Lighthouse has published a number of spiritual books and pamphlets that include teaching on the subject, and we have excellent audio meditations.

It helps to come in contact with those who are currently demonstrating this science. So I encourage young people to come to our Summit University seminars and retreats, where we practice these meditations and mantras.

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