54. Mary the Mother

  • What is wrong with the stereotype images of Mother Mary?
  • Why was Mary chosen to be the mother of Jesus?
  • What was Mary's mission from Alpha and Omega?

Mrs. Prophet, there seem to be a lot of stereotypes of Mother Mary. What is your reaction to these?

Elizabeth Clare ProphetThe stereotypes concerning Mother Mary are just so many masks that fall from her face when our souls contact the real, living soul of this Virgin of God, who truly does magnify the LORD within us. One concept, that Mary was just a human mother and therefore needs no special veneration, would tear from her the very veils of her divinity. The other extreme, where Mary becomes an idol so far removed from us as to be even more remote than God himself, is just as false.

I think the only way that we are going to derive the heavenly and the earthly example from Mother Mary is to discover what we ourselves are in relationship to God. Then we will understand her role and her relationship to God. We will understand that Mother Mary is not an exception to the rule but rather the full manifestation of a daughter of God, made in the image and likeness of the Son, the Christ, as we all are.

It is not because of the miraculous, but it is because of the fulfillment of the law of truth, that we revere Mother Mary. We realize that because she has chosen to be the incarnation of God we also can choose to be the incarnation of God. This is not blasphemy, for it is our calling to be one with God and therefore to be instruments of his grace.

Mother Mary leading by example

Mother Mary, Jesus and angelsMother Mary once said in a dictation: “I am Mary. I have chosen to ensoul the Mother ray for a cosmos.” Likewise, each one of us, knowing ourselves to be sons and daughters of God, can say in this moment, “I am…,” and then give our name and state what we have chosen, by the gift of free will, to be for God—what virtue, what grace, what quality of the Godhead we have chosen to bring forth.

Mary chose to be the incarnation of the Motherhood of God and she has achieved her goal. When people do not understand that they have the freedom to do the same, they tear down the very one who has proven what all can do—the one who has proven by example the way of the soul's liberation.

If individuals like Mary or Jesus or Moses or Muhammad or any of the great beings who have come to earth had not proven that God can dwell in man, then there would be no hope for us. So I would like all of us to look at Mother Mary as a simple woman—very much like women who are living today in this century—who embodied on earth with a calling from God, who knew she had that calling and who was willing to work to achieve it, to pray without ceasing and to give herself totally as the instrument of God.

Mary has told us:

I am the handmaid of the Lord Alpha and the instrument of Omega. I am the awareness of the Father-Mother God extending even unto the planes of Mater, that the children of the One might know the sanctity of communion—of the marriage of the daughters to the Holy Spirit, of the vows of the sons unto the Cosmic Virgin.

What does all this mean?

Mother Mary teaches us that we are living in time and space in the planes of Matter—or of Mater, which is the Latin form of “Mother.” Mater means “Matter,” or the “Mother universe.” Mary teaches us that we can conceive of our own souls as wed to God. If we are women, we are wed in heaven to the eternal Son, the Christ. If we are men, we are wed in heaven to the Mother of God, to the being we refer to as the Cosmic Virgin.

This concept establishes our unique polarity with a point of contact in heaven. And it establishes the flow of energy from God to man —from God the Father to womanhood, from God the Mother to manhood. And thus the polarity of God reinforces our own polarity, and by that polarity there is a fusion of life that occurs.

On a more concrete level, Mother Mary tells us that she was called by Alpha and Omega to embody on earth to bring forth the Christ. Alpha and Omega are the beings who personify the Father-Mother God. They are referred to in the Book of Revelation as “the beginning and the ending.” (Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.)

Mrs. Prophet, why was Mother Mary chosen for this role?

Virgin of the GlobeRemember that Mother Mary is of the angelic evolution. In her initiations in the orders of angelic beings she became an archeia, which is the divine complement of an archangel, the highest attainment one can achieve in the evolution of the angelic order. Her divine complement is the Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary serve together to ensoul the fifth ray of science and healing. The fifth ray, as we've said before, is the ray of truth, logic, mathematics and music—the music of the spheres. It is the ray of emerald green, which is focused through the third-eye chakra and is always for the concentration and precipitation in Matter of the energies of Spirit through the sacred science.

Scientists, musicians, mathematicians and doctors embody on this ray. It is a precise ray. Mother Mary was chosen because of her high attainment on this ray, because she was an angelic being, and because she had the momentum in her causal body of aeons of evolution in heaven in the attainment of the mastery of precipitation.

She tells us:

Because the flame of the fifth ray relates to precipitation in Mater and because the feminine aspect of the flame is directly involved in the spirals of God-realization descending from the formless into form, I was chosen by Alpha and Omega to incarnate in this system of worlds, to set forth in time and space the example of the Divine Woman reaching full self-realization in and as the Divine Mother.

Mind you, coming forth into Matter to bring forth the Christ (an individual who would ensoul the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son of God) was a very important calling.

And related to this calling was something that we do not always hear about: the fact that Jesus himself embodied to focus the archetypal pattern, to set the blueprint in Pisces, for the image and the likeness of Christ—that Christ that we ourselves were to bring forth and embody.

In this two-thousand-year dispensation, followers of Jesus and devotees of Mother Mary have attempted to imitate their role as the Christ and the Mother. This imitation of Christ is wholly acceptable within the teachings of our Church. We realize that in order to walk in the footsteps of Christ we must imitate that Christ.

What was Mary's mission from Alpha and Omega?

It was the great concern of Alpha and Omega, of Almighty God himself, that the avatar who was to embody for the Piscean age be the fullness of the representative of the Christ so that all souls coming under his dispensation might follow and emulate him. Thus, Mary was chosen rather than any other of the personages of heaven.

She recalls for us the moment:

“How well I remember that moment when I was bidden by heralds of the king and queen, our own beloved Alpha and Omega, and I came escorted by the beloved Raphael to stand before the throne of the twin flames of a cosmos!

“You called, my father and my mother, and I have come.

“Yes, our beloved, we have called. Unto you and to Raphael is given the opportunity from the heart of the Solar Logoi to manifest the balance of the flow of truth ‘as Above, so below' over the spirals of the figure eight of our cosmos—opportunity to be on earth as in heaven the ensoulment of the Mother ray.

“What does this mean, my father and my mother?

“It means that you have been chosen, Mary, to incarnate in the planes of Mater, to take on the feminine form that the errant souls of the children of God now wear, to live and serve among them, to adore the Christ flame within their hearts—as Sanat Kumara and Gautama have done and as the Christed ones, the avatars and Buddhas who have gone before, and the many angels who have volunteered to work through the forms of flesh and blood to save the lost sheep of the house of Israel who have taken on the ways of the idolatrous generation.

“I heard the words of our dearest Father-Mother and I looked into the eyes of Raphael, my beloved. And for a moment—only a moment—the pain of the anticipated separation was too much to bear. Instantly I was strengthened by the beauty and nobility of his countenance and the sternness of his eye disciplined in the Law. He had, as it were, almost greater courage than I to descend into the planes of Mater.

“But when I felt his hand press my own and the charge of the will of God and our dedication to eternal truth flowed into my being and soul, I faced the beloved Presence of God now pulsating in utter formlessness as cloven tongues of fire where a moment before the personages of the Divine Polarity had stood. I knelt in utter surrender to the call of hierarchy and in silence before the Holy of Holies gave my life that the Word might become flesh and dwell among the inhabitants of Terra, that the Christ, the eternal Logos, might incarnate, the Incorruptible One.”

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