15. Threefold Flame In The Heart

  • What is the heart chakra & the threefold flame?
  • Why is the threefold flame important?
  • Specifically, how does the violet flame work?
  • Can the violet flame help heal the common cold?
  • What are some of Saint Germain's violet flame mantras?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet talked about the four lower bodies. Where do we go from here in healing?

Understanding the four lower bodies is obeying the ancient injunction “Man, know thyself.” And man must know himself in order to heal himself. The four lower bodies are vehicles. They are interpenetrating sheaths of consciousness, referred to as “coats of skins” in Genesis. (Notice that coats is plural and not singular, denoting the four vehicles.) In addition, there are centers of God consciousness that interpenetrate the four lower bodies.

Violet flame chakra man by Elizabeth Clare ProphetThe seven major centers correspond to the seven rays of the Christ and the Buddha. These seven centers are called chakras. A chakra is a wheel, a vortex of light. Its purpose is to take in light as nourishment for the four lower bodies and to give forth light.

The sending forth of light is an action of Alpha; the taking in of light is an action, or reaction, of Omega. So, the going out and the coming in of energies within the chakras is another manifestation of the balance of the Father-Mother God within the temple.

The key chakra of the temple is the heart, because within the secret chamber of the heart center is the threefold flame of life. The threefold flame of life is one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at all hours of the day and night. And therefore right within this body temple, upon the altar of the heart, there is burning a flame that is actually God in manifestation. It is through this flame that we can invoke the light of Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the redistribution of energies in the temple when there is disorder or disease (dis-ease) or discord, which is the absence of wholeness.

Heart chakra and the name of GodIn our meditation upon Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we visualize the I AM THAT I AM as a great sphere of white light pulsating just above our own being. Coming forth out of this white sphere is all of the energy of God that is necessary for the manifestation of wholeness. We are taught by the Holy Spirit that the violet flame must blaze through and pour through our temple to sweep it clean, to consume the cause and core of our misuse of energy in this and past incarnations.

For the disciple of the New Age—the one entering the age of Aquarius who has sensed the new dispensation, the new energy, but is not quite certain what that energy is—we draw attention to the master Saint Germain. Saint Germain is the one who comes to teach us the alchemy of the violet flame. It is his initiation of his disciples. It is the coming of the promised Comforter.

The beginning of healing is forgiveness. We must call upon the law of forgiveness and use its instrument, the violet flame, to overcome those conditions that have caused us the negative karma that has created disease.

Does this mean that someone can use the violet flame to help heal the common cold?

This is certainly a possibility because the common cold can be a manifestation of emotional substance.

However, healing comes not only through the violet flame but through the correct balance of energies within the physical body. This is because the cold has been translated from the emotional level to the physical, and so we need to deal with the chemistry of the physical body itself.

Now, this subject of healing is vast. It includes correct diet and the uses of chemistry that are prescribed by physicians.

The use of the violet flame, however, is extremely effective, and it can also help us deal with the problems of biochemistry within the physical body.

Violet Flame Mantra for Health

I'd like to give you another example of how to invoke the violet flame, because it is so necessary in this age and it really is the key to our initiation in this new energy:

Soul bathed in violet flameI AM the violet flame
In action in me now
I AM the violet flame
To light alone I bow

I AM the violet flame
In mighty cosmic power
I AM the light of God
Shining every hour

I AM the violet flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God's sacred power
Freeing every one

This mantra comes from the heart of Saint Germain. It uses the name of God, I AM, with a series of affirmations of the sacred fire. Again, we must always bear in mind that when we say, “I AM,” we are affirming, “God in me is.”

We are saying: “The energy of the I AM THAT I AM is qualified now with the violet flame by the action of the Trinity within my heart, which is God's gift to me in the endowment of my very own threefold flame.

In this mantra when we say, “I AM the violet flame in action in me now,” we are saying, “God in me is the violet flame in action in me now.” We are declaring that where I AM, there God is, and where God is, he is the fullness of this action, this specific action of the violet flame, which is his very own being. It takes understanding of the Law and meditation upon this being of God, who is where I AM, to make the use of the Science of the Spoken Word effective. We are not absently or vainly repeating words when we give these mantras; we are entering into a very sacred science of the priest of the Order of Melchizedek.

It is a sacred science whereby man voluntarily enters into a oneness with his Creator, becoming co-creator with him as he is ordained to be. The mediator of this co-creation is always the Real Self, the anointed one, the Christ.

As you give this mantra, meditate upon the heart as a white sphere and visualize the greater white sphere of the I AM Presence above the self. The goal of the mantra is to have the sphere within the heart that surrounds the threefold flame converge with the sphere that is the I AM Presence.

This convergence of God above with God below is the essence of our healing and our wholeness.

When I give that mantra, it is with a voice that is different from my speaking voice. It is God in me speaking from the very depths of my heart and my soul. I have been decreeing, of course, for many years and when I open my mouth and center my energies in the heart, I am totally surrendering my temple and my being and my centers to God.

This centering allows the energy of the Holy Spirit to use my throat chakra. And the same will happen to anyone who comes to understand the self as the instrument of God.

Listen to Elizabeth Clare Prophet give this violet flame mantra.

Can you tell us what's actually happening when people invoke the violet flame?

I'd like to read to you from The Path Of The Higher Self: Climb the Highest Mountain, where Mark Prophet and I have recorded Saint Germain's teaching on the violet flame. The master says:

The violet flame is the spiritual wine of forgiveness, the quality of mercy that, as Portia said, “is not strained; / It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven / Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest; / It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.”

When you invoke the violet flame for the healing of a specific problem, this is how it works. It envelops each atom of your being individually. Instantaneously a polarity is set up between the nucleus of the atom (which, being Matter, assumes the negative pole) and the white-fire core of the flame (which, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole).

Violet flame and the atom bathed in purifying lightThe dual action of the light in the nucleus of the atom and the light in the enveloping violet flame establishes an oscillation that causes the untransmuted densities to be dislodged from between the electrons. As this substance is loosened at nonphysical, or “metaphysical,” dimensions of Matter, the electrons begin to vibrate with an increased amount of energy, throwing the misqualified substance into the violet flame.

On contact with this fiery essence of freedom's flame, the misqualified energy is transmuted and God's energy is restored to its native purity. Relieved of the patterns of imperfection and restored to the plus-minus balance of Alpha and Omega, this energy of the Holy Spirit is returned to the individual's causal body, where it is stored until he elects to use it once again to bring forth the noble work of the Christ “on earth as it is in heaven.”

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