33. Buddha And Christ

  • What does it mean to become the Buddha?
  • What is it like to commune with the Buddha?
  • Could you explain how the Buddha can be meditating on Mother Mary?

Mrs. Prophet, would you tell us about your love for the Buddha?

Buddha of the Ruby RayI have a secret. And the secret is that I am in love with the Buddha because the Buddha is in love with the Mother. When I was meditating upon the Buddha one day, I found that his adoration was upon the bliss of the Cosmic Virgin, and I saw that through his communion with the Mother he was also one with her blessed Son, Jesus Christ.

I thought upon Buddha's coming. Lord Gautama meditated under the Bo tree and discovered the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path about the time that Ezekiel was preaching to Judah and Israel.

Then I thought of Jesus' statement “Before Abraham was, I AM,” and I realized that the presence of the blessed Son of God enabled Lord Buddha to meditate upon that Christ and upon his Mother.

I realized that he attained enlightenment because of his oneness with the Mother and the Son. There is no Son without the Mother and a mother cannot be called Mother save she give birth to the eternal Christ.

The Buddha and the Divine Mother

So my love of the Buddha is the love of the Mother for the Father, God the Father. It is also my love for the disciple, because Gautama Buddha is indeed a disciple of Jesus Christ.

This is not an anachronism. We can all come into the knowledge of Christ through the flame in the heart. It was Gautama Buddha who opened that flame—the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; Father, Son and Holy Spirit—for sons and daughters of God who were following in the way of the East.

Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ Returning Spiritual Freedom To Lightbearers

Gautama came in an hour when Hinduism was at its worst state of decadence. The priesthood was involved in favoritism and guarding the great secrets, the real mysteries of God, from the people, thus keeping the masses in ignorance.

The caste system had become a means of imprisonment of the soul instead of a means of liberation through dharma. And so there arose Gautama Buddha. Born as Prince Siddhartha, he left palace, power, wife and son to gain that enlightenment whereby he could give back to the people that which the interlopers had taken from them.

Jesus did exactly the same thing through the same power—the power of the eternal Christ. Jesus came in an hour when Judaism was entrenched with the activities of the Sadducees, the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin. He came to give back to the people their understanding.

In his prayer to the Father spoken on the way to Gethsemane Jesus said, “I have declared unto them thy name.” He came to teach us the name of God, as did Moses: the name I AM THAT I AM. Guru Nanak came to give the people the name of God, Sat Nam.

This immense understanding—that in the name of God is the key—is the same understanding that the Mother gives to her children today. As we understand all of the ascended masters to be one with the central flame of life, we can rejoice in their coming and we can find in each ascended master the one flame of God, which leads us to the presence of life within ourselves.

What does it mean to become the Buddha?

To become the Buddha means to realize the great love of the Buddha where you are—the love of Buddha for Mary, for Jesus and for all sons and daughters of God. One can feel this intense love of the Buddha as one's attention rests upon his peace and his flame.

What is it like to commune with the Buddha, as you must have done while writing about the Buddha?

It is as Saint John of the Cross described it and as the many mystics of the Church have described it: it is being in love with God. It is feeling that God is the beloved and the one who loves us so intensely. We find union, we find wholeness, we find bliss, not because we desire to depart from this world but because in that oneness with God we can minister to our family—to husband, to wife, to friend, to children, to pilgrim on the way.

We can love the God within each other with that same intensity of devotion because we have gone to the mount of transfiguration with Jesus, we have gone to Horeb's height with Moses, we have gone to Carmel with Elijah. And we have found that intense love of this union of the flame of man with the flame of God. This is the consummation. Until we have found this, we do not enjoy the richness in our relationships with one another.

I have often found that some people do not have a real capacity to love, but their love is a human sympathy or an emotionalism or a sensuality. So I have asked God, “Why do they not have the capacity to love?” And he has answered me, “Because they have not known my love and therefore they cannot give love to one another.”

Could you explain how the Buddha can be meditating on Mother Mary?

Mother of the World by Nicholas RoerichMother Mary is one who represents the feminine nature of God. Our God is Father; our God is Mother. Mary is one who communed with Mother to the point of fulfilling within her being the Christ, bringing forth the Christ by the Holy Ghost. Mary is simply a code name for Ma-ray, which means “Mother ray.” Hindus sometimes refer to the Divine Mother as “Ma.” This syllable brings down the energy of the feminine principle.

Just as Buddha meditates on Jesus, he meditates on Mary because Mary has become one with the universal Mother, the universal God. All feminine beings who have realized that oneness become the object of the Buddha's veneration.

Mother Mary comes to us in her great love for all of the sons and daughters of God, whom she can claim as her own because she has merged with the flame of God as Mother.

Hail Mary For The Aquarian Age

One day as I was in meditation upon Mother Mary, so grateful for the understanding of her being, she said to me, “I want to give you a rosary for my sons and daughters for the Aquarian age.” Then she began to recite the Hail Mary for me as follows:

Hail, Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us, sons and daughters of God,
Now and at the hour of our victory
Over sin, disease and death.

She explained to me that we should no longer pray to her as sinners as in the traditional rosary, because we would be sinners as long as we held that concept of ourselves.

She said: “You are joint heirs with Christ. You are sons and daughters of God. I want you to pray for my intercession now. There is no death. Jesus proved that death is unreal. Therefore, call to me that I might reinforce within you the light of Christ in the hour of your own victory over sin, disease and death.”

Students who come to Summit University find on our altar a statue of the Buddha, a statue of Mother Mary, a magnificent painting of the Lord Jesus Christ and a painting of Saint Germain, the master of the Aquarian age. Thus the blending of our spirits in East and West has produced a meditation upon the Mother, the Christ and the Buddha.

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