41. The Aura Of A Saint

  • What is the difference between the aura of the saints and the aura of most of us?
  • Is the purity of the saints too much to ask in today's world?
  • Is finding God and magnifying the light in the aura the same thing?
  • Why is the light of the saints so often rejected by their fellowmen?
  • If all people are created equal, why are there people of such light and darkness on earth?
  • What would happen if everybody were conscientiously trying to magnify the light in his aura?

Mrs. Prophet, what is the difference between the aura of the saints and the aura of most of us?

I think it can be summed up in the simple statement of Jesus: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Not only shall they see God but they shall be God. For the pure in heart—by purity of desire, motive, speech, conduct and works—continually qualify with light the stream of energy that flows through the heart. And that pure light fills the aura.

So, seeing God is possible because there is something within us that we can equate with God and thereby we can identify God. That “something” is his light. God's light is his greatest gift to us. It is like water: it will take on the color, the vibration, the density that we put upon it. We can change water from a liquid to ice or vapor.

God's light is our immediate resource, and it is continually flowing like liquid, like moving fire. It is what manifests in the aura and determines the personality of the individual. The difference between a saint and an ordinary person is that the saint has chosen day by day, hour by hour to amplify the light of God as good works.

Jesus on the Effect of Good Works on Your Aura

Jesus the Christ, world teacherJesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Wherever we go we have the opportunity to let our light—our aura—shine. We can consecrate the garment of our being, our aura, to be worn by the Holy Spirit. Hence, our good works become the activity of the Holy Spirit.

There are many saints walking around on earth today who do not know that they are saints and who are not recognized by others as saints because many people truly walk in darkness, having not the vision of God. And many in the pulpits teach that it is not by good works that we enter in but only by grace. In other words, there is nothing we ourselves can do whereby we can inherit the consciousness of God, the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Yet we have this direct order from Jesus to qualify the aura with light, to let the aura shine, to let it be amplified so that men may see our good works. If good works are not necessary, then why should we let men see them that they might glorify God? It is through our good works that men recognize God and therefore increase their faith.

So the difference between the saint and the non-saint is the difference between the individual who has elected to be God and the one who considers it blasphemy to elect to be God and therefore does nothing.

Isn't this kind of purity too much to ask in today's world?

I don't think so at all, because the soul's natural inclination is toward purity. I think we all have a desire to be the best kind of person we know how to be. Even when things come out of us that aren't so nice, it is because the basic desire of the soul is to be whole. And in order to be whole, the soul has to rid herself of the absence of wholeness, which may be the darkness that lies at subconscious levels.

People want to achieve, want to do well, want to be successful. Although many are motivated by greed, beneath that motivation there is often a kernel of light (God within the individual) that has a desire to unfold a higher level of consciousness. When we realize how much of himself God has placed within us, what a useful tool the aura is and how close it can bring us to cosmic beings, ascended masters and our own Christ Self, we will want to begin immediately to strengthen and expand the aura.

I think people want oneness with God, but they have been confused as to

  • what God really is,
  • what heaven really is, and
  • what the conditions are for getting from where we are today to where God is.

People have an innate understanding of God as peace, as freedom, as love and as the flow of life, but they are programmed to believe in sin and death and to see themselves as sinners. So they act out their little parts and they feel completely helpless to do anything to increase the God consciousness on earth.

Kuthumi, who was embodied as Saint Francis of Assisi, frees us from this misconception. He teaches that those who truly understand the meaning of God, Christ and life see that there is no difference between the divine nature in Jesus and the divine nature in themselves. There is no partiality in heaven. All can equate with the image of the beloved Son.

The Threefold Flame as the Active Potential

Secret Chamber of the heart chakraWho is that beloved Son? That beloved Son is the Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Who are we? We are sons and daughters of God, but all of us have that potential of the Trinity in the threefold flame within the heart.

Yes, there is only one Son, the eternal Christ, who incarnated in Jesus. But all sons and daughters of God have the same opportunity to have the fullness of that Son dwell in them if they will equate with that opportunity and realize that it is not exclusive to one son but an opportunity for all.

In the threefold flame that God has placed in our hearts, we have the gift of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. There is only one God—only one Father, only one Son and only one Holy Spirit. But we must realize that this one flame of life can manifest infinitely and still remain as one.

Therefore, there is not any doctrinal division; there is only a need for the acceleration of consciousness to the place where we can all realize that we share the inheritance of this Sonship in the flame in the heart. Beginning from that point, we can expand the flame as Jesus did and our auras can become a veritable beacon of light and salvation to the world.

Would you say that finding God and magnifying the light in the aura are the same thing?

Finding God is certainly a means to magnifying the light in the aura, and magnifying the light in the aura certainly enables us to find God.

It is the principle of hallowing time and space—that is, sanctifying the body temple where we are, sanctifying life where we are so that more and more of the energy of infinity is compressed into globules of time and space until our consciousness is perpetually transcending itself. Right within this physical matrix we can experience planes of consciousness beyond and beyond and beyond.

Why is the light of the saints so often rejected by their fellowmen?

I think that the light, as it increases in the aura, is so intense that it activates pockets of darkness in others. It can activate hatred and even demons and discarnates in those who profess to have the only way as far as religion is concerned. Individuals who are possessed of demons of false doctrine become annoyed when they are in the presence of those who are expanding the light of the aura and actually increasing the presence of Christ on earth.

That hatred of Christ, the Lamb who is “slain from the foundation of the world,” is the anti-Christ manifestation that is present in those who have not elected to purify the heart, the motive, the desire and consequently the aura.

Why are there people of such light and darkness on earth when all people are created equal?

Jesus stated it in another of his mysteries that is still not understood: “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given and he shall have more abundance; but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”

Jesus was talking about light—light in the aura, light in the chakras and light in the heart. Those who have light become a great magnet magnetizing more and more and more of God until they shine like the shining of Jesus' face in his transfiguration. Those who have not the light, those who have misqualified light with darkness, find that even the light that they had is taken from them because they have no magnet of God within them to retain that light.

So it seems that the light ones get lighter and the dark ones get darker, even as they say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This is a law of the universe because each one has to elect to be the fullness of the abundance of God's light. This we can do for one important reason: because God already dwells within us.

Earth in Violet FlameWhat would happen if everybody on the planet were conscientiously trying to magnify the light in his aura?

It would be tremendous!

God said he would spare Sodom if he could find ten righteous men in the city, but ten couldn't be found. Ten righteous men are ten individuals expanding the light of the aura.

If everyone on the planet were doing this today, we would not have the problems we have, because all problems—world problems, political and economic problems—are the result of the caving in of the aura and individuals not taking a moment in the day to give the decree to expand the light, to consume darkness and to make a thrust of cosmic consciousness here in time and space.

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