Turn Your Attention Back to the Inner Light

Renewed, Refreshed and Replenished

Through prayer and meditation we turn our attention back to the inner light, which is the real source of our being.

We become drenched with light—renewed, refreshed and replenished—so we can give more of the light to those who need it. We build up our reservoir of love.

As we commune with our Higher Self, who sits on the throne in our heart, we can also access the wisdom of the heart to find solutions to knotty problems.

The mystics advise us to combine our meditations with spoken prayer that comes from a heart on fire with love.

For instance, the Zohar (Hebrew: זֹהַר‎‎, lit Splendor or Radiance), a foundational Kabbalist text,  explains, “Whatever a man thinks or whatever he meditates in his heart cannot be realized in fact until he enumerates it with his lips.”

In Kabbalah, Key to Your Inner Power, Elizabeth Clare Prophet said that, like other spiritual traditions, Kabbalah recognizes the incredible power of sound through spoken prayer. She cited Julius Schnorr's book, Moses, Aaron and Hur during the Battle against Amalek which wrote that Kabbalists even claimed that Moses saved Israel by pronouncing the names of God in his prayers.

Meditation on the Divine – the Inner Light

The spoken word activates the fruit of our meditation upon the Divine and coalesces it in the physical.

Every spiritual tradition has its own beautiful methods for entering the heart through prayer and meditation—from the quiet recitation of sacred words, such as the Names of God,  to the dynamic repetition of mantras to the inspired singing of devotional songs, like the Hindu tradition of bhajans to Shiva.

Scientific Studies Confirm that Prayer Works

Scientists don't know why or how it works. But an increasing number of studies suggest what people have known intuitively for thousands of years: prayer does work.

One well-known study found that coronary patients at San Francisco General Hospital who were prayed for did better than those who were not prayed for.  The prayed-for patients required fewer antibiotics and were less likely to develop certain complications than the unprayed-for group.

Dr. William Nolan said of the coronary study, “Maybe we doctors ought to be writing on our order sheets, ‘Pray three times a day.' If it works, it works.”

Another study, at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, examined how patients' own prayers affected their recovery from open-heart surgery. This 1995 study found that patients who said they drew comfort and strength from religious faith, which presumably included prayer, were three times more likely to survive in the six months following surgery as “nonreligious” patients.

Some people are skeptical of studies like these, believing that people's expectations of getting well influence the results. Consequently, many studies have been done on animals and plants, who theoretically are unable to influence the results.

According to Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words, these studies, which all used control groups that were not prayed for, have found that mice, seeds and even mold and red blood cells could be healed or protected by prayer.

The studies show how powerful the mind can be and suggest that prayer does work. They demonstrate a principle you may have already discovered for yourself—you can use prayer to create spiritual and material changes in your life.

Try an experiment giving a fiat for the balancing your threefold flame.

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