Increase the Threefold Flame

Increase the Threefold Flame

This excerpt from a dictation by Kuthumi was delivered December 28, 1996, during the five-day conference A World Vigil for Youth: The Ascended Masters' Rescue Mission for the Youth of the World, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana and published in the 2002 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 45 No. 22.

I, then, would teach you of kindness, of softness in speech, of lightness of heart, of joy of being, of music of the spheres that passes through your bloodstream, your cells, your atoms. Rejoice in the love of God and you will attract to yourself ideas, inventions, teachings, understanding. You will become more patient with yourself and others.

Thus I counsel you, beloved, when the threefold flame is balanced, you ought to be making accelerated strides and increasing power as though the first three of the Elohim were standing beside you and guiding you. When you simply double the size of the threefold flame, which in many is one-quarter of an inch in height—you double that to half an inch and you increase exponentially the power of your being.

It costs you very little to give of yourselves to others. It costs nothing to empty yourself, for God fills you again. Visualize the increase as rings on a tree. Visualize the increase as expansion of consciousness, limitless mind of the Buddha, limitless wisdom.

You Can Increase Your Threefold Flame

I say these things, beloved, because I believe that if you had emphasized this from the very first day you took your first footstep on the Path, you would be farther along at this juncture. Therefore I say, let the threefold flame be enchaliced in a garden that you may keep (a garden that may have the potted plants indoors in winter and outside in summer), remembering that the threefold flame represents your heart and your life.

The threefold flame, beloved, you can increase. I ask you to make this your goal. For when more and more of you have the balanced threefold flame, then I tell you, beloved, you will see a world also righting its axis. That axis being at that angle, beloved, is surely a sign that the hearts of the people are like a Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Thus understand how great is the flame, tiny though it may seem. And you have seen the work of your artists showing the threefold flame enveloping Jesus. Imagine if you could stand where he stands, and his threefold flame rises from beneath his feet to above his head.

Now you understand the power of the Godhead a little bit more in just imagining your own self surrounded by the threefold flame. The balance of the white-fire core of the Mother sustains the balance of the threefold flame.

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