Important Update from the TSL President

Beloved Keepers of the Flame around the world,

I have the great joy of announcing a major step forward in making the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity known to the lightbearers.

Big things are happening—and I want you all to hear about it!

Please click on the link below and scroll down to read a letter from our KOF Director, George Makris, announcing our new KOF website and other important developments in our beloved Fraternity for 2020.
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I hope George’s words will inspire you, as they have our staff, so that you may give your all to this key organizational initiative to find the 10,000 new Keepers of the Flame for Saint Germain!

It is because of your prayers, gifts and donations and dedication to the mission that our teams at the Inner Retreat can move forward on important initiatives such as this one.

In the book Saint Germain On Alchemy, Saint Germain once gave us a Valentine’s Day promise.

In his message “A Valentine from Saint Germain,” he gave a never-ending promise to assist us to find our immortal freedom as we determine to never give up and never turn back.

On this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2020, please send to Saint Germain your personal valentine to promise him that you will never give up, nor turn back, and that you will continue to support finding the 10,000 new Keepers of the Flame.

In gratitude for your service to the light and in honor of our beloved Saint Germain,

Valerie McBride, President
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