An Illustration to Help Retain God-Control

An Illustration to Help Retain God-Control

The following post on retaining God-control of your emotions is an excerpt of a dictation by Jesus published in the 1960 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 3 No. 28.

To help fit you for new dimensions of service and to anchor the instruction of the many previous years, I wish to describe for you in my role of cosmic teacher, a pictorial illustration which should help you to regain and retain all the God-control for which you have long called. Ask and you shall receive is a promise ever fulfilled! Therefore, receive my love in this the answer of heaven!

For illustrative purposes imagine a scale or ruler 24 inches long. Divide this in half and mark the symbol zero (0) at the center. Consider everything to the left of the zero symbol (12 inches) as negative, everything to the right (12 inches) as positive. Now try to realize that most people’s feelings fluctuate in an area 3 inches left and 3 inches right on this imaginary scale, alternating between periods of some disappointment and some happiness. Bear in mind that all emotions or feelings which are positive can have negative counterparts. Love sometimes begins with mild affection, intensifying to love and yet still deeper love.

In its negative aspects, the same attention which expresses as love falls from mild dislike, which Saint Germain has told you is a form of hate, to the most intense negative feelings. Jealousy is but the opposite of admiration of another’s accomplishment. Just as there is no such true condition as “hot” or “cold”—but rather only “temperature” which is always relative to the person, place or condition—so feelings are nothing else than qualities or rates of vibration! It is true that all “left of zero” is unreal; that all “right” of it is a rising manifestation of the expanding yet evolving power of infinite love!

As this is pure truth, would it not be well then to determine to watch the feelings using your consciousness and find your freedom and God liberty by never permitting the scale to fall below the “zero line?” This I consciously did, using as a guard the statement “I AM the resurrection and the life” in order to counteract the pull of the human octave.

Now, concerning those who slip. Remember that a pendulum will “swing” to the same degree left that it has moved to the right—unless controlled. Thus the true disciple, who is often subject to more than ordinary pressure while rising in light closer to God’s heart, must consciously set the guard so as to refuse absolutely the power of moving or swinging into a negative condition. Let such chelas create a mental and spiritual backstop of invincible light substance to hold the kinetic energies which “rebound” from their “flight into the heights!”

Let all my children live and love one another in peace as they progress in the kingdom! Our brotherhood is far more than words. It is the practicality of Almighty God — the manifestation of absolute “Christ victory” which does overcome the world!

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