I AM Affirmation for God-Reality by Portia

I AM Affirmation for God-Reality by Portia

A powerful I AM affirmation from lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, for those times when you need to affirm God-reality.

Ascended lady master Portia, Goddess of Justice…I am drawing the circle of my heart, my flaming heart of cosmic justice, around this forcefield which I desire to make permanent in the city of Chicago-if you will will it so, if you will decree it so, and if you will secure this home of light. Thus the reinforcement to the heart of the earth as a shaft of cosmic justice will begin the rolling back that is the requirement of the hour.

It is the rolling back of those situations of cosmic injustice that are rooted in the nations-those individuals who have raised themselves up in positions of power that is the anti-power of the Almighty. These are the ones who must be rolled back by the sacred fire of your very soul and heart and mind! For soul, heart, and mind within you is a most blessed trinity of dedication to freedom. And without the physical platform of evolution, these three cannot function….

Hour by hour, the burdens upon this nation are such as to bow down even elemental life. And then come the Keepers of the Flame again reinfusing the atmosphere and the earth body with the necessary momentum of light and we are able to hold the balance and adjudicate these matters.

…And what is cosmic justice, my beloved? It is justice unto the Lord God Almighty which returns to the earth those accumulated momentums that are blocking the light, blocking the great golden age. And therefore, beloved ones, you can expect in the coming year, in the coming twelve-month cycle itself, a certain acceleration of light that must, and I say must, be watched by Keepers of the Flame! must be guarded against! And there must be such an intensity of violet flame so that we may continue our rescue mission to those souls of light who have not yet come into the knowledge of their mighty I AM Presence….

…The torch is indeed passed. And we have seen this hour as the hour of torches passing. And millions upon millions of Keepers of the Flame in the higher octaves have transferred to you and other millions upon earth the mighty sacred fire of their causal body momentum of this living flame of cosmic freedom! And therefore in every nation there is a great surging of the light of freedom-only to be put down and put back by the fallen ones who have assembled themselves in positions of power and who have raked to themselves-in their gambling casinos, in their organized crime, in their manipulation of the economy and the Federal Reserve system-this nation’s wealth and the wealth of nations….

Beloved ones, everywhere we look the fallen ones seem to be in possession of power! But this is the seeming of maya. You must deny it, denounce it, and affirm God-reality. You must affirm the sons and daughters of God in these positions of power. And you must look to your own heart and temple and say:

I AM Affirmation for the Perfection of God on Earth

Why, lo! I AM that Son of God!
And I AM the authority for the Almighty One in the earth!
Mighty I AM Presence, come down and sweep through me now!
Blaze through me now!
Establish your mighty dazzling light of perfection where I AM!
Send forth the Word!
Consume in me all ignorance of the Great Law!
Let illumination and enlightenment of the Great Central Sun Magnet flow through me! flow through me! flow through me!
I will not take no for an answer!
I summon legions of fiery salamanders, gnomes, sylphs, and undines, and the hosts of mighty seraphim to come forth and march with me into action in the sacred fire!

Excerpt from Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 23 No. 52, Beloved Lady Portia – December 28, 1980, THE RADIANT WORD from Cycles Turning: The Key to the Acceleration of the Mystical Body of God by Beloved Lady Portia given in Chicago, Illinois, October 5, 1980

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