How Do I Get There?

Once you know your goal, you plan the steps to get there asking “How do I get there?” Follow the ascended masters!

These loving and transcendent beings have walked where we walk. They have been where we are. They know the trials, tribulations and temptations we face.

And they are committed to helping us find our way home.

They offer clear and practical tools for overcoming human limitations and guiding us back home to God through the ascension.

They can teach us to embrace and harness the great inner power that we all possess. Through the daily use of vocal prayers called decrees that focus powerful spiritual energies, we rise on wings of expanding consciousness.

Our souls once knew the absolute bliss of oneness with God. The ascended masters teach us to remember this bliss and to seek it, once again, above all else.

Keepers of the Flame - how do i get there

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