Victory in the Ukraine! – The Holy Spirit in Action

Victory in the Ukraine! – The Holy Spirit in Action

A Personal Testimony by TSL President

I’d like to give witness to a miracle that occurred while our team was visiting the Ukraine in August. We were invited by our dear Russian and Ukrainian brothers and sisters to present a one-week Summit University® course and an on-site Ministering Servant Spiritual Leadership (MSSL) program of Mother's teachings on governance.

Upon arrival, we were told that there had been no rain for over 90 days throughout much of Russia and the Ukraine. In fact, Russia has been experiencing one of the worst heat waves in recorded history with daily temperatures ranging above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To add to the seriousness of the heat wave, fires raged over 20 percent of the country producing tremendous quantities of smoke and toxic air throughout the cities. Fires also threatened Chernobyl, the site of the catastrophic nuclear reactor disaster that left a vast region toxic and uninhabitable to this day, 20 years later.

With the possible threat of a radioactive cloud erupting form the contaminated soil around Chernobyl due to the proximity of the fires, our Russian brothers and sisters went to work with strong decree sessions, making it their mission to work with the elementals. Along with a concerted prayer and decree action from around the world, the winds of the Holy Spirit picked up and brought a mighty clearing action to many cities, including Moscow where the toxic smoke was blown out and the cities received a reprieve from the intense heat.

Russians Singing Hymn for Russia

Our greatest testimony of faith was immediately after our Summit University clearance session. As the 200 attendees were coming to the altar to receive a blessing and holy communion, a crackle of thunder exploded outside. Then the heavens opened up and the first rain after over 90 days of drought descended over the area. Our Russian friends were moved beyond belief as they witnessed not only the thunder and rain outside after the prolonged drought, but also water pouring in directly over the altar and dripping down over the sides of the altar. Not only did God give us water outside, but the inside of the facility was “baptized” from the downpour! It was really quite a sight to behold.

Mother has taught us that where there is the lack of the Holy Spirit, there are drought conditions. Our song to the Holy Spirit, Come, Holy Dove! Mystical Union through the Names of God, marked the beginning and the end of the thundershower. As promptly as the rain began with the start of the song, so did it end as soon as the song finished.

When one of our members reported the leak in the roof above the altar, the owners insisted there were no leaks in the roof. One local passerby stopped one of our members as he was coming out of the facility and asked him how the water got there and where it came from. Apparently there was no rain in the other parts of the town where the passerby had just walked through. There was no rain in the forecast that day nor was it reported on the news.

One can only witness to the Holy Spirit and praise the works as above, so below. In this case, I believe it was the concerted action of decrees worldwide with the fiery fervor of our Russian and Ukrainian friends that surely moved the heavens.

I wanted to share this powerful testimonial with you that you can never underestimate how the Masters can work to relieve the burdens upon our elementals. Of course, we also know that Guru Ma is busy at work as well!

Wherever you are on this planet and as we are confronted with challenging astrology that indicates the potential for shifting world conditions, let’s not forget the powerful intercession of the masters in response to the science of the spoken word.

We all have many stories of faith to tell and you too can be a spark of illumination by your simple and sweet testimonials of faith. Please share with us your testimonies as a witness to the faith of the Brotherhood and their powerful intercession!

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