Holding the Balance of World Karma

Holding the Balance of World Karma

Seeing the Need and Supplying It in Love

This is an excerpt of a dictation Holding the Balance of World Karma, Seeing the Need and Supplying It in Love by the Goddess of Liberty given July 1, 1982 and published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 25 No. 39.

Therefore, let us consider, then, what is upon us and what we must be doing. It is the wider and larger concern of finding the light-bearers of every nation, of securing the Inner Retreat, of publishing and preaching the Word, and of you, beloved, mastering yourself by your great God consciousness. If, in the process of this overcoming, you may also serve the world, so be it; and you may acquire the credentials of the world, so be it. But do not let the balance of your desire to attain something in this world offset the true balance of your threefold flame in your service to the Brotherhood.

You must grasp the reality of our presence, the reality of your inner life and inner path. I commend you to a number of days of fasting after this conference is concluded, merely for the unclogging of the spiritual body so that you might have a closer experience of walking and talking with your friends of light and remembering and seeing the Inner Retreat. Thereby you will have commeasurement of the inner and the outer man.

For there are two goals of life. There is the goal of the outer man and the conclusion of the ripening and the maturity, the service, the dedication, and the adeptship in some sacred labor. And there is the inner man, who should not have to make sacrifices for the outer man–for the reverse ought to be the case. For the inner man, the soul rising, is on an inner path on etheric highways. And all things that come to pass in the outer are intended to be, and are in reality unto the faithful, a reflection of that inner acceleration.

Let those of you who have not yet so synthesized the outer and the inner path consider it for the duration of this conference. You may write letters to the Karmic Board, which ought to be burned on the Fourth of July, and you may address your questions, your queries, your considerations of your life plan to us. And these letters will be burned, and we will take them into consideration and send to you–by your own heart flame, your own Christ flame–the direct impression of our will and our recommendation and our vision for you.

Then, of course, it is up to you to accept or not to accept and then to do what you will do. For no one on earth and in heaven in this activity will ever interfere with your own private counsel with your Christ Self and your counsel with the Almighty. Therefore, we bless you in the exercise of your free will, and we commend you as you strive in your acceleration.

I AM the Goddess of Liberty because I have chosen to amplify within you that light which is the love of liberty. Liberty is a flame that pulsates with a number of ingredients.

You see, there is no liberty unless you can extend liberty to life. And in order to do so, you must have wisdom, you must have love, you must have the will of God which is become your power. When you think beyond the threefold flame and you realize how great a gift is the gift of liberty, that the gift of Christ giving you a threefold flame is the gift of the liberty flame, then you must realize that its many facets will include all of the seven rays and the secret rays and the full canopy and panoply of the consciousness of God.

All that you are is the liberty manifestation of your God flame. All that you are is the liberty manifestation of your God flame.

Therefore, the gift of liberty is like the gift of a miniature replica of your own causal body. For all that you are is your liberty. All that you are is the liberty manifestation of your God flame. Every creative expression is your liberty. Every song you sing, every word you speak, done so voluntarily, is your liberty in expression. Whatever you choose to emphasize, how you choose to spend your day, whatever is come to you from God, and you have made your own–this is your expression of liberty.

And in my torch which I hold high, there is the matrix, the inner blueprint, of the liberty flame for each and every one of the archetypal patterns of the 144,000 that form the inner blueprint for the lifewaves of earth. These patterns, 144,000 in number, provide the patterns, and only those souls who have these Christic patterns can endure beyond the Matter universe.

This is why it has been said that only that number shall be saved. The meaning is that those who have the inner blueprint impressed upon them of that Christic light. But this is a pattern that has been multiplied again and again. And therefore, you see, only Almighty God and those to whom he has vouchsafed that number truly know how many can and shall ascend from this planetary body and other systems of worlds.

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To read the entire Pearl of Wisdom and the Goddess of Liberty's complete teaching, please go to: Vol. 25 No. 39 – The Beloved Goddess of Liberty – September 26, 1982.

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