Health Through Christ Wholeness

Health Through Christ Wholeness

Mantras for Spiritual Healing

Accelerate your spiritual healing by giving a Mantra for Christ Wholeness. Use it to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord,” as the Psalmist himself burst forth in praise.

One of the greatest gifts of identity, which the conscious mind little dreams of, is the latent ability to realize the image of the eye. This science of the immaculate concept is practiced by every angel in heaven.

Let the praise of your soul come before his presence with the singing of this mantra. Serve him with the gladness of his perfection manifest in you now!

God made you perfect. Restore yourself to that perfection God-willed. Stand fast and behold the salvation of your God. Then “clap your hands” and “shout unto God with the voice of triumph!”

Now give this dynamic decree to your beloved I AM Presence, to your blessed Christ Self and to the Healing Masters and Angels of the Sacred Fire with all your heart:

I AM God's perfection manifest
In body, mind, and soul
I AM God's direction flowing
To heal and keep me whole!

Purifying cell and atomsO atoms, cells, electrons
Within this form of mine,
Let heaven's own perfection
Make me now divine!
The spirals of Christ wholeness
Enfold me by his might–
I AM the Master Presence
Commanding, “Be all light!”

I AM God's perfect image:
My form is charged by love;
Let shadows now diminish,
Be blessed by Comfort's Dove!

O blessed Jesus, Master dear,
Send thy ray of healing here;
Fill me with thy life above,
Raise me in thine arms of love!

I AM Christ's healing Presence,
All shining like a mercy sun
I AM that pure perfection,
My perfect healing won!

I charge and charge and charge myself
With radiant I AM light–
I feel the flow of purity
That now makes all things right!

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