Harmony – The Scientific Method for Greater Self-Mastery

Harmony – The Scientific Method for Greater Self-Mastery

This is an excerpt of a dictation by God Harmony given at the Easter Conference 1980 and published in the Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 23 No. 24.

Now in joy we begin to accelerate the initiation of our chelas in the flame of God-harmony.

I AM the one bearing the office and the mantle of that flame. I AM come into your midst with the refreshing light of the universal rhythm of the stars which keep the flow of harmony even as hearts united in love establish this flow of harmony in the very center of the community of the Holy Spirit.

Now as we would accelerate the responsibilities of our chelas for holding the balance in the earth in time of transition, we come to show you that the flame of God’s harmony creates a magnet of the Central Sun. That supreme magnet of love harmonious is all-attractive of all good and all-repelling of all evil. Therefore those who would survive when the earth is in chaos and disintegration and death must understand clearly that the antidote for all of this is the purity of harmony.

Harmony Is a Science

Harmony is a science, my beloved, even as music is a science; and the notes of mathematics strike the chords of cosmic principles. My fascination with the Great Silence, my meditation ultimately attaining to the very light of nirvana enabled me to begin to understand the frequency of the soundless sound.

Entering into that inner light, I discovered the key to God’s harmony. And therefore the flame that I keep I do keep out of awe for the inner knowing of the presence of the Word before it is spoken when it is the soundless sound yet still a sound—as it were, a minus sound before the moment of crystallization by Elohim.

Harmony, then, is the balance of light, of sun centers, electronic forcefields. When there is balance, then there is harmony. When there is balance and harmony, then and only then can there be acceleration.

Acceleration Through Balance and Harmony

You may have wondrous gifts of virtue, but often in a lifetime or many lifetimes an individual lifestream does not exceed a certain level of attainment professionally or a certain level of virtue because the individual reaches the line where there is no longer balance, where he cannot carry into an accelerated momentum that virtue which may function at a lesser vibration.

Take, for example, a top that spins. In order to spin, it must have a certain acceleration and a certain balance. Thus when the law of harmony functioning within you goes below the level of a certain acceleration, it can no longer be maintained. And this is when discord enters in with disintegration and ultimately self-destruction. Thus in order to have the key of harmony, you must have the key of the acceleration of love.

This love is the absorption into God and unto God of all of the flow of the river having four heads, passing out of Eden1 and out of the Edenic light into the four receptacles of the four lower bodies. Wherever energy is tied in knots of self-deception, of dissonance, of selfishness, of hatred—all of these manifestations, including anxiety itself, cause the deceleration of that which is God-harmony within the very fiery core of the threefold flame itself. Thus when the momentum of dissonance becomes too great, the top of the threefold flame cannot spin. When its three plumes are of differing height, out of balance, it cannot spin and therefore the resurrection fires do not glow.

Thus when considering, then, those who have certain virtues which they cannot exceed, we contemplate individuals who, for example, under normal conditions may express patience or mercy or kindness, but as soon as stress and distress is introduced into the life pattern, then the individual is no longer kind, patient, and merciful. This is because these qualities have received only a certain impetus to acceleration. They have not accelerated further because of the impediments within the four lower bodies.

These impediments are as islands of darkness in a sea of light—that is, it is hoped that that is the condition of consciousness. For where consci­ousness is a sea of light with islands of darkness, these islands can be inundated with the flame of love and freedom and transmutation and therefore they can be readily dissolved.

But when individuals are not attentive to maintaining the cosmic sea of consciousness and they allow the precious gift of the receptacle of Life to now become more and more dominated by larger and larger islands of blackness and despair and darkness, sins that go unconfessed, these islands become continents and soon they occupy more space and time within the energy field than the sea of light—and they swallow up that sea. And therefore the individual has not the ability to press forward and to accelerate any gift of Life, any flame of creativity, or to see through the completion of a simple project.

Therefore we turn the attention of our chelas to the science of God’s own flame of harmony. It is the Holy Spirit of Alpha raying forth to Omega, sounding the universal OM and registering in the negative Matter spheres as the gift of individuality within you. Thus the letters h a r m o n y reveal the inner science of the Lord God’s transmittal of his light and its ultimate destiny to sustain in Matter the individualization of the God flame called you.

(To be continued in Community of the Holy Spirit Based on the Harmony of the Seven Rays)

To read the entire Pearl The Initiation of Our Chelas in the Flame of God Harmony: The Scientific Method for a Greater Area of Self-Mastery by God Harmony, please go to: Vol. 23 No. 24 – Beloved God Harmony – June 15, 1980.

1. Gen. 2:8-14.

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