Truth about All-Hallows’ Eve, Violet Flame Call for Halloween

Truth about All-Hallows’ Eve, Violet Flame Call for Halloween

El Morya on Halloween

In 1959, the ascended master El Morya released a Pearls of Wisdom® on the subject of Halloween:

Inasmuch as what could well be called almost medieval confusion and traditional hodgepodge (I use one of your own idioms here, for it easily conveys to you my thought) surrounds both the subject of the soul's passing and Halloween, and further, as human attention seems drawn to the astral realm more than usual on Halloween, I am seeking to release mankind from all morbid states of consciousness so that the pure, uncontaminated will of God can flow through as Love's gracious answer to relieve all human fear and discordant ideas in connection with these subjects, which have wrought so much chaos and unhappiness in human affairs through the centuries.I am sure you will welcome my comments, which, although on a subject partially distasteful to both Master and chela, are wholly constructive, designed to give a clearer understanding and confer thereby a blessing of great comfort to the entire race of mankind, linked together as you are in a world of action and reaction to one another's thoughts and conduct.

Now, the blessed evening respectively called by men All-Hallows' Eve, All Souls' Eve, or Halloween (also, All Holy Eve) has become anything but holy.

For besides human thrill-seeking, deliberate creation of fear, and fanciful speculation of a most bizarre character in many cases, men have filled their consciousness and world (including influences upon the children's tender minds) with images of witches and hobgoblins of a most hideous type resembling nothing quite so realistically as the lower astral realm, into which quagmire the dregs of human thought are collected until transmuted by violet fire—certainly not a desirable consciousness for any unascended being, child, or adult.

I am requesting this Pearl be sent you a day or two early in order to enlist the services of as many of you as possible who desire to serve the spiritual needs of mankind and the causes championed by the Great White Lodge and the Darjeeling Council.

This All Holy Eve (October 31) and in every year to come until the appearance of true perfection manifests in connection with Halloween, I am sure you will lovingly decree, sing, pray, and invoke the presence of the angelic and ascended hosts, calling for the purification of the earth, its atmosphere, the fire element and water by the full power of the violet transmuting flame of freedom’s forgiving love to remove the causes and cores of all fear connected with Halloween each year and the passing of the soul from mortal form every day of the year.

Violet Flame Transmutation of Halloween Energy

Call too for the transmutation of all human discordant creations, all inharmonious artistic creations, all fantasy creations of a shadowed nature and for their instantaneous replacement by the wholesome vibratory action of our octave of Ascended Master light-substance!

Someday, then, the children of the world will go forth happily that holy evening in commemoration of the harvest season of all souls to honor God and the angelic hosts, wearing these far more lovely creations which are so well within the present artistic abilities and conceptions of mankind to create.

I hope some of you may present this idea in good taste to mankind, not necessarily as coming from us but perhaps from those of you who seem more tangible to them. This will give both the vested commercial interests and religious circles of influence opportunity through free will to clean up the unwholesome aspects of Halloween, thus cooperating with beloved Mother Mary, the blessed Master Saint Germain, and the ascended host to produce and sustain a very different artistic keynote for this occasion which will be in keeping with the golden-age and the teachings now made manifest.

Archangel Michael – Your Guardian Angel

Archangel MichaelOf particular interest: Lord Michael, the blessed Archangel, will serve the full 24-hour period on Halloween so that as the earth revolves, every land and its peoples will have the full protection which his radiation brings and which he so lovingly offers the unascended of mankind in answer to your sincere calls. You may be sure that his sword of blue flame will transmute all that the cosmic law will allow of the foolishly misqualified energy which mankind have long used in traditional error on this day. May it increase its enfolding, transmuting power as our legions of Light move forward to victory!

This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of the Ascended Masters' Darjeeling, India, Council of God's Will, of which all the ascended host are members.

Violet Flame Call for Halloween

Note: Gracious reader, may we offer a decree which you may care to use:

My very own beloved Presence of God, I AM, in me, beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ, beloved Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael and all the Archangels; blessed Morya El, Saint Germain and Portia and all members of the angelic and ascended host: We most lovingly call forth in God’s name, I AM, the full power of the violet transmuting flame of forgiving love for the mankind of earth to remove the causes and cores of all human foolishness connected in any way with Halloween.

Transmute, transmute, transmute all into Light and the electronic God-power of the ascended host. Replace it all with the most lovely, inspirational, God-uplifting forms of angelic beauty that have ever graced this planet, and keep this action of the violet fire building in momentum until the last trace of human discord is changed into perfection!

What I call forth for my own world I call forth for all others, eternally sustained, all powerfully active, and world engulfing until all are ascended and free.

Excerpted from the Pearls of Wisdom® vol. 2 no. 43, El Morya, October 30, 1959.

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