Online Radio – God Is Life

Online Radio – God Is Life

Life Is Opportunity.
Opportunity Is Precious.

Tune in Tuesday October 21 at Noon, MT for God Is Life! on The Open Door.

If we operate from the Truth that all Life originates with God and from God, then we realize the necessity of a deep and profound respect for the sanctity of Life.

Life is God, therefore Life is sacred.

Life is also opportunity…a sacred opportunity to reunite with the Heart of God, the Source of all Life.

When we are born, our souls (whether we are consciously aware of it or not) seek union with their first love: The Lord of Life.

This is a magnetic attraction that pulls us always toward the Light, toward God. By free will choice, we either follow this impulse to seek our Divine Source…or we choose otherwise.

For those who choose the homeward path to God, what is it that stands in the way of this goal being realized? KARMA!

Our perfect union with the Lord of Life, as well as with our twin flames, has been compromised and precious contact lost through choices we have made.

As we sow, so shall we reap. It is Cosmic Law.

In this respect, karma is relentless, for every jot and tittle of mis-qualified energy must be balanced.

Carpe Karma!

So we should seek to embrace, rather than avoid, our karma.

If we will allow it, karma can become a great teacher. But if we do not have ears to hear or eyes to see and are not able to listen to God speaking in our hearts, how will we know the meaning of karma?

And how will we know the tremendous opportunity our karma brings to us to master ourselves and accelerate on the spiritual path?

For this opportunity to be fully realized, we must have Life! Without Life, we cannot follow the path of initiation, of soul-testing, of self-mastery.

Where Life is denied, opportunity is denied.

And herein lies the source of a tremendous karmic burden upon this planet: the karma of abortion.

To abort life is to abort the life plan of a soul, cutting short the fulfillment of the soul’s divine blueprint.

Sadly, this choice is often made with little or no understanding of the consequences. Why? Because many have been taught or influenced to believe that life is not precious…in fact, that a fetus is simply a blob of inanimate tissue and not blessed with the spark of life.

Little do they realize that life is instantaneous with conception. And how could it be otherwise, for every cell, atom and electron is imbued with life from the same source: God.

Virtually every argument put forth to justify abortion first asserts that a fetus is not initially human or not yet alive in a human sense.

The ascended masters, and those of us who follow and practice their teachings, assert that from the very first instant of conception, the unborn is human life…with divine potential.

And in the light of this understanding – that the unborn, from the very beginning, is human life with divine potential and a divine plan– every argument to the contrary is nullified.

The opportunity to live
is opportunity to become God
Claim your Divinity NOW!

Tune in October 21 for God Is Life! on The Open Door, Ascended Master Online Radio Programs LIVE every Tuesday at Noon, MT.

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