God-Free Will Is Best!

God-Free Will Is Best!

This post on free will and the Great White Brotherhood by the Goddess of Liberty is an excerpt from the 1961 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 4 No. 26.

Perspective, when applied to the Great White Brotherhood, will dispel some of the mistaken notions mankind have in error or ignorance applied to us.

As the first simple thought (for so it may seem) let us take the term “white.” As you know, white is not a color but rather a combination of colors. Each life usually expresses one predominant color, although white is the core of every ray which comprises the seven rainbow rays of promise. These classifications of color, stemming from the inner nature manifesting and developing in mankind according to the life cycles, are intended to be wholly constructive and harmonious.

Those muddied colors, the insensitive and gross manifest through excess dealing in human vanity and emotions, are not the examples you will see in the octave of Light or in the world of the initiate of advanced degree.

Goddess of Liberty statueIt is absolute truth, blessed ones, that each lifestream carries its own Light just as I do my torch, and if they put a screen of wrong intent between the Light and the one they meet, if the other individual has perception, it is possible that their most inner thoughts will be discovered by the quality radiating through the wrongly qualified screen, which spoils temporarily the marvelous scintillating beauty of the solar spectrum shining with the radiance of God’s own presence and the impulses of the sacred fire.

To Be a Probationary Chela of the Great White Brotherhood

In order to be a probationary chela of the Great White Brotherhood, absolute purity of motive is needed. No compromise with real God-truth is possible. Individuals do, of course, retain their human motives and still walk in the Light as best they can; the weights and impedia* take their toll, of course, and when they are judged it will also be in absolute justice.

To consciously cooperate with the Great White Brotherhood through identification with us can create a problem in thought. For example, when mankind continually invoke us and use our name, whether they represent us in spirit and truth or not, they will eventually draw our attention and our power into their own worlds. Now, if they are not comfortable in the presence of great Light, then let them not so determinedly invoke it!

We are beings of Light and when we reach into the world of the chela it is to inspire, sustain, fire, direct and raise them into all the perfection their world can possibly contain. The law of our energy will naturally disturb discord!

To Best Serve the Great White Brotherhood

To best serve us, our conscious chelas should always call forth the protection, energy and love of the great Ascended Masters and direct it into all human affairs, whether or not other individuals want it.

This in no way interferes with free will, for when the Light expands around them, often they will see that it is wisdom and enjoy it enough to want to change. Our action is never hypnotic but always inspiring and uplifting. We never interfere with free will unless individuals ask us to help them overcome some weakness, or directly give us the authority in their worlds, and then we do so in order to bring them into a closer relationship with their own Great God Self.

The Brotherhood is composed, of course, of ascended and unascended members (some of these are conscious this is so and others are not). By the latter, I refer to the fact that many individuals’ lives are so directed and filled with love as to draw them into our circle while their physical forms sleep, yet intellectually they have never consciously heard of us or our service.

Often such as these know of Jesus, Buddha, or some other one of the Masters, yet are not aware of the portals of Light or the fraternal brotherhood of Light which exists at heavenly levels and is daily so active by the principle and power of the Holy Spirit upon the earth and in the hearts of its people.

During the days of the California gold rush, a fever seized the people and became known as gold fever. These people became so fired with enthusiasm that they scarcely counted the price, but dashed forth in any conveyance they could lay hold on and set out for the mountains of California.

Blessed ones, many chelas, bless them all, are like this when it comes to pursuing the high office of being an initiate of the Great White Brotherhood; and still others stand quite aloof and profess they do not feel the need or desire to be initiates.

Free will, as I said, is good, but God-free will is best!

*Something that hinders or obstructs movement or progress

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