Get the Word Out Book Sale

3-2019 book sale

Interested in starting a study group or just broadening your spiritual vision? We have selected from our most popular books for our 50% off Get the Word Out! Book Sale – 12 English titles and 2 Spanish titles.

Running now through July 4th, we are offering a mix of old and new soul-sparking, heart-warming, and mind opening titles at 50% off!

Violet Flame books on sale

Saint Germain: Master Alchemist (Pocket Guide)
Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium
Violet Flame – Alchemy for Personal Change

Spiritual Psychology & Relationships books

Odyssey of Your Soul
Understanding Yourself
Finding a Higher Love: Spiritual Guide Love Sex &Relations

Eastern & Western Mysticism

Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power
The Buddhic Essence–Ten Stages to Becoming a Buddha
Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

Angels …and the other angels

Talk with Angels: How to Work with Angels
Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil

Bacon-Shakespeare Controversy

The Shakespeare Code

Spanish Titles

Cómo trabajar con los ángeles
Conversaciones con los ángeles

Enjoy the 50% off book sale and take the opportunity to “Get the Word out!”

Get the Word Out Book Sale

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