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Free ePearls of Wisdom from The Summit LighthouseThis free ePearls series is by the ascended master El Morya.

Who is El Morya? We have known the ascended master El Morya in history as the Emperor Akbar in India, Sir Thomas More – the devotee of the will of God, one of the three magi at the birth of Christ, and our father Abraham.

More recently he has worked to help souls accelerate their path home through the Theosophical Society, the Agni Yoga Society, and the Summit Lighthouse. In Morya we experience the strength—and tenderness—of one of the most outstanding spiritual adepts of our time.

Morya's message is intensely personal. Somewhat in the tradition of the Zen masters, El Morya introduces seekers to the path of the chela, what it means, what are the age-old pitfalls, and the potential spiritual rewards that make the journey worth the price. Along the way he covers working with the archangels, the seven lords of the rays, the need to differentiate between the psychic and the spiritual, and how to use the Science of the Spoken Word to accelerate your path. It contains keys that we all need to meet the challenges of the spiritual path in a modern world.

ePearls – Introductory Pearls of Wisdom®

The Pearls of Wisdom®, published since 1958, are written communications from the ascended masters mailed regularly by subscription. The ePearls Introductory Series are free Pearls of Wisdom that are emailed in PDF format. They provide more than words—they are a transfer of light from the heart of the Ascended Master to your own.

“Within the spectrum of the religious and philosophical traditions of East and West, a master of both psychology (the study of the soul) and science, he presents the law of life taught by the ascended masters for thousands of years in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. Thus the beloved Master M., as he has been called for more than a century by students of Theosophy, presents ultimate answers to the ultimate questions of life itself: Who am I? and Where am I going?” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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