Fill Your Hours with Joy!

Fill Your Hours with Joy!

Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, #32

Through joy, purify the path.
While you are disciples, learn to overcome irritability.
My disciples must have a sympathetic eye.
As through a magnifying glass behold the good, and belittle tenfold the signs of imperfection, lest you remain as you always were.

. . . . . . .

This excerpt is from the dictation by Lanello delivered March 1, 1992 How to Ascend – Score a Victory Each Day! and published in the 1992 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 35 No. 10 .

Thus I say, neglect not the hours. Fill them with joy! Joy is the very first principle of the ascension. Take two individuals–one who fulfills his assignments without joy and one who fulfills them with joy. The one without joy, beloved, may lose his ascension for want of joy, and the [one with joy] may make it even though some elements are lacking.

“That your joy might be full” was the prayer of Jesus–and that you might know and have his joy remaining in you. This joy, beloved, can never be satisfied by human companionship alone but by a human companionship wherein those who are together see this as a vehicle for the divine companionship, for a divine joy that sprinkles laughter and merriment and play betwixt the hours of hard concentration. This joy, beloved, that spans all octaves is pleasing to God.

Therefore I say, abandon a sense of martyrdom! Abandon a sense of self-condemnation! Abandon a sense of nonjoy! But take care that your joy puts God first.

Therefore, cast out the idolatrous consciousness that will lean upon human companionship to the extent where calamity is on its way. For our God is truly “a jealous God” and will tear from you that thing, that individual to whom you give greater preference than you give to Him, to Her–to Alpha and Omega.

Thus, your Mighty I AM Presence with you, shining in all the splendor of the Father-Mother God, does continually radiate to you joy. And the descending crystal cord is a bubbling stream of joy. It is a bubbling stream of joy, beloved, as the light cascades into your heart. Therefore, distribute joy and know that merriment which does also entertain the angels and keep them in their courses, surrounding you and assisting you.

So the words of Fulton Sheen have been quoted in this court. And so he has also spoken of the joy of the service of the Lord and the great sense of humor that Jesus brought, that God himself contains, making not too much of the unrealities of the world, not too much of the failures or the successes but realizing that we pass through and nothing is permanent here save the permanent relationship with God.

Understanding the divine sense of humor will make you able to deal with the most difficult karmic circumstances, the most deadly intent of the fallen ones. As the LORD holds them in derision, may you also hold them in derision. And may your joy be such a consciousness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that you can meet friend or foe with the same light and lilt, for you have the co-measurement of the joy of angels and the merriment of God himself in the face of such a seriousness [as that] of the unreality [of the fallen ones themselves].

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