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I signed up for email from The Summit Lighthouse, but I haveen't received any since December 2018. Did you kick me off your list?
We found out that some subscribers have not been receiving emails starting around December 2018. This has happened as a result of some email service giants (such as Comcast, Google and Yahoo) tightening their email delivery anti-spam standards.

The best way we know to get email from us is to log in to your email account through an internet browser, and either go to the Spam folder, find the TSL Now and TSL ePearl emails and mark them as “not spam” and/or add the email addresses tslnow@tsl.org and tslepearls@tsl.org to your online email service contact list. This should whitelist our emails.

If you don't feel like giving these marketers your email contact list, you can also create a free email account with a non-marketing email service like Proton mail to preserve your privacy.

Pearls of Wisdom

Free ePearls PDF sign-up page: https://www.summitlighthouse.org/free-current-epearls/

Subscription ePub ePearls sign-up page: https://www.summitlighthouse.org/epub-epearls-subscriptions/

How do I get ePub ePearls onto my phone, Kindle, etc.? https://www.summitlighthouse.org/getting-epub-epearls-on-mobile-devices/

Where is the Pearls Guild page? https://www.summitlighthouse.org/pearls-guild/

Ascended Master Library

The Silverlight plugin no longer works on the latest Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari browsers. While we rebuild AscendedMasterLibrary.org for the latest browsers and for all devices (due date: Autumn 2019), we do have a work-around for Apple, Linux and PC computers.

NOTE: For iPod, iPad, iPhones and Android devices, you need to first download the mp3 files from AML to your desktop and then you can move them over to your mobile devices.

1. Download and install SeaMonkey browser for PC, Apple or Linux. (Silverlight still works on Internet Explorer 11 for PCs, however we recommend SeaMonkey since it is a later, more secure release). Uncheck or say “No” to the question about importing your contacts.

SeaMonkey for Apple    SeaMonkey for PC

2. Download and install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for PC or Mac:

Silverlight Plugin

3. Once the browswer and plugin are set up, go to http://www.ascendedmasterlibrary.org and Login to your account.
If you need to open an account, go to our account registration page open your own account.

4. Build your MP3 download, audio CD or MP3 CD and complete your purchase.

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