Family Designs Podcasts

Family Designs Podcasts

Healing your relationships, raising your spiritual energies, working through personal and family karmic situations, and unlocking your children's true genius – what's not to like

With these lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, you can chart a healthier and more enjoyable course for your family.

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Podcast Episodes

  1. Spiritual Retreats of Light
  2. Noah's Flood, Atlantis and Experimentation
  3. Destroying the Mystique of Motherhood
  4. Archetype of the Divine Woman
  5. The True Meaning of Marriage
  6. Marriages of Karma, Twin Flames and Soul Mates
  7. The Karma of Abortion
  8. Drama of Creation
  9. Twin Flames – Why the Longing?
  10. A Meditation for Twin Flames
  11. The Sacred Pursuit of Your Twin Flame
  12. Alchemical Marriage as the Ultimate Purpose
  13. Marriage for Self-Mastery
  14. Honoring Your Twin Flame through Your Relationships
  15. Resurrection Mantra and Visualization
  16. Joy in the Life of the Spirit
  17. Marriage: The Divine Masculine and Feminine
  18. The Worthiness of Love
  19. Marriage in Everyday Life
  20. From Spirit to Matter

The relevant and timeless ascended master teachings imparted in the Family Designs for Golden Age podcast will transform and enrich your view of the family and karma, marriage, twin flames, soul mates and spiritual parenting.

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