Freedom Conference 2023

A New Heaven and a New Earth

June 29th - July 4th, Inner Retreat


“The conferences are an opportunity for the soul to step up her spiritual evolution through direct contact with the Ascended Masters and her I AM Presence.”

About the event

Welcome to The Summit Lighthouse Freedom Conference 2023

This year, we delve into the spiritual concept of "A New Heaven and a New Earth". As prophesied in the Bible, the dawn of a new Golden Age is upon us - an era of enlightenment, peace, and universal love. Join us in this transformative journey as we explore the spiritual dimensions of these revelations, seeking a deeper understanding of ourselves, our purpose, and our collective spiritual evolution.

This six-day spiritual retreat is not just an event; it's a beacon for all spiritual seekers yearning for a profound connection with the divine. A series of enlightening dictations, inspiring workshops and presentations, and sacred rituals await you. Together, we will ignite the divine spark within us, guiding our souls towards the light of a new Golden Age.

Saint Germain

"Blessed hearts, the new heaven and the new earth is the place where all of these millions upon millions upon millions of souls are to be born. Let us begin with new beginnings here and now. Let us consecrate these temples, one and all of you, of any and every age. For if you are not able to give physical birth to children or you are not in the proper circumstance to do so, remember this—that, overshadowed by the Divine Mother, you can give birth to the Divine Manchild in your heart."

Beloved Saint Germain Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 33 no. 28, July 22, 1990

Conference Highlights

Enlightening Dictations from the Ascended Masters

The profound spiritual experience of an ascended master dictation is unforgettable. The Messengers received intensive training from the ascended masters that allows them to deliver these timeless messages directly to their students. The ascended masters convey a transfusion of light and energy to your spiritual chakras or centers. Each person has a unique experience with each Master. Your heart will feel the presence of great spiritual light.

  • Archangel Uriel
  • Mother Mary
  • Jesus
  • Saint Germain
  • Goddess of Liberty
  • El Morya
  • Insightful Presentations

    Enjoy insightful workshops created with you in mind. Our presenters bring their deep understanding of the ascended master teachings to you each day. These events allow you to explore the rich relevance, transcendent teachings, and unique spiritual gifts that the ascended masters offer students today.

  • Darshan with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    Darshan is the time for a direct encounter with the teacher and the master. These encounters reveal a new vision of the Teaching. We are empowered and take away a new level of spiritual awareness. Each encounter leaves us at a higher level, with a special essence internalized.

  • The Science of the Spoken Word

    Learn more about ascended master’s spiritual dispensation for the Science of the Spoken Word. Like the lost Art of Invocation from the ancient golden ages, spiritual students can now connect to their Higher Self, the Brotherhood of ascended masters and release the power of the fohat through decrees and mantras. The physical word charges the physical world with light. Miraculous change is possible.

More Event Highlights

  • Ritual of Soul Retrieval

    Led by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Magnetize soul fragments back to you and resolve personal problems through forgiveness and divine love. (on video).

  • Special 4th of July Celebrations

  • Spiritual Networking

    Connect with spiritual seekers from across the world and expand your spiritual community.

How to Participate

Events and Registration Pricing

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Freedom Conference

Thursday, June 29 – Tuesday, July 4

  • Attending in person

    Full Conference and Replays

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    Through Tuesday, June 27

    350 person
    In-Person Registration

    Starting Wednesday, June 28

    400 person
    • Includes online replays, available for 30 days.
    • Conference cancellations will be processed minus a $50 cancellation fee through June 29.
    • Meals not included.
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  • Attending via Internet Broadcast

    Full Conference and Replays


    Registration until July 4

    165 person

    Registration until July 4

    165 person
    • Includes online replays, available for 30 days.
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Are you a Keeper of the Flame?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What will you learn in the Ascended Masters Essentials?

    You'll learn powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own spiritual reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness. These four special days are an opportunity to absorb the tremendous teachings given by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and learn a new way of communing with God and the Presence of light that is a part of each one of us.

  • Don't think you'll have time to watch all the content in the Essentials live event?

    We've got you covered. While you can join us on Zoom for the live event; A Live broadcast and replays will be available to you in your library as we move forward with the event program. These replay videos can be accessed anytime.

  • Can I cancel and get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

    We want you to be nothing less than overjoyed with your experience. If you think you can no longer attend the event or are not happy with our services, let us know, via contacting

  • I really want to attend, but I do not think I will have time to participate in all sessions during the live event.

    We've got you covered. While you can join us on Zoom for the live event; A Live broadcast and replays will be available to you in your library as we move forward with the event program. These replay videos can be accessed anytime.

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