Summer Conference 2021

Journey to the Heart of Maitreya Buddha

Tuesday, June 29 – Sunday, July 4

Featuring dictations by:

  • Lord Maitreya

  • Goddess of Freedom

    Goddess of Freedom

  • Goddess of Liberty

    Goddess of Liberty

  • Archangel Michael Products

    Archangel Michael

  • Ascended master Saint Germain

    Saint Germain

  • Jesus the Christ

“Hearts united in love on the path of discipleship, families, children, disciples, all a part of the sangha of the Buddha, I speak to you of love and the fulfilling of the need for love through the path to God. And in knowing and finding that love, all other schism within the psyche dissolves and you are at last free to give love perpetually, perpetually and always to those in need who have less love than you and who can be quickened by that Light.

This is our goal: to make you first disciples, then masters of freedom able to stand in the earth as instruments of Saint Germain to lay the firm foundation of the Aquarian age that it cannot be turned back and, having fulfilled the task, the dharma and all, to move to other dimensions where still other lifewaves await your coming and your help.”

– Beloved Lord Maitreya, Pearl of Wisdom®, vol. 27 no. 47a, September 26, 1984

Conference Highlights

  • Experience a Spiritual Renewal

    With the great release of light from eight landmark dictations from the Ascended Masters; Lord Maitreya, Saint Germain, the Goddess of Liberty, and much more.

  • Science of the Spoken Word Books

    Join in Fiery Decree Sessions

    Focused on timely current events, to transmute the cause and core of anti-freedom forces within America and the world, and hold the balance for an age in transition.

  • Soul Retrieval

    Retrieve the Lost Fragments of your Soul

    Through the Ritual of Soul Retrieval led by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. This ritual enables you to resolve your personal psychology through forgiveness and love. (on video)

  • Share in Family-Friendly Activities

    Including the Family Sunday Service, an intergenerational service led by the youth, and our parent co-op areas.

  • Aura Chakras Products

    Special Chakra Blessings

    With the Messenger’s topaz, ruby and emerald focuses.

  • Timeless Teachings

    From our Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet to increase awareness of our personal path of Christhood.

  • Ascended Master Saint Germain

    Profound and Informative Presentations

    Enjoy profound and informative presentations on a number of key topics pertaining to the victory for Saint Germain and the Age of Aquarius!

  • Soak in the Yellowstone Hot Springs

    Soak in the Yellowstone Hot Springs while communing with our friends the angels and elementals!

  • Sacraments and rituals

    Participate in Sacraments and Rituals

    Presentations of newborns in the Temple and Baptism; First Holy Communion and Confirmation for children and youth; Communicant class (English and Spanish) and initiations.

How to participate

Inner Retreat

On-Site Attendance

Single Day

$ 65 /adult

Full 6-Day

$ 395 /adult

Full 6-Day

Broadcast & Replays


$ 210 /adult


$ 300 /group
  • Keepers on Lesson 8 and above only
  • Includes all replays

Online Via Zoom

Essentials of the Teachings

Full 6-Day

$ 48 /adult
  • The Essentials of the Teachings is an immersive seminar that will bring you powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own spiritual Reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness.
  • Keepers below lesson 8 and guests
  • Includes all replays

Conference Attendance Guidelines

Freedom 2021 Conference is just around the corner and the Inner Retreat is bustling with activity to prepare for your coming in-person or participating online for this spiritual retreat and celebration of freedom. Regardless of how you participate, we know that our hearts and minds will be “United as One” within the antahkarana of light of which we are all a part!

The good news is that we have lifted the quarantine for domestic travelers. The following information will explain the restrictions and guidelines that will be in effect for these events. Our meal capacity is limited to 250 servings per meal break on site for the summer conference.

I. General Information:

  1. Main Program: Our main program will be offered in King Arthur’s Court (KAC) and will be broadcast worldwide in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Russian translations can be accessed through registration on the broadcast site.
  2. Essentials of the Teachings: Our introductory program will be conducted online, using Zoom video conferencing in both English and Spanish. Limited seating will be available on-site in El Morya’s Chapel for the English program.
  3. Meals: There will be fresh meals served daily during the conference with precautions based on industry best practices. Due to our kitchen resource restraints, we have a limit of 250 meal tickets per meal. There are nearby restaurants and food trucks in Gardiner and mid-way to Gardiner for any attendees who need more meal options.
  4. Bookstore: The bookstore will be open to conference attendees, encouraging the use of face coverings and social distancing while shopping.
  5. Housing: We regret that we cannot offer on-site housing for this conference. Camping spaces and RV parking will be available through Yellowstone Hot Springs at East Gate. Other accommodations are available in Gardiner, MT. Make reservations early as these spaces are in high demand.

    For campsite and RV reservations, contact Yellowstone Hot Springs Camping/RV:

    For a listing of hotels and other accommodation in Gardiner, contact the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce:

  6. Shuttle Service: At this time there are no shuttle services provided for this conference, specifically transportation from the Bozeman airport. However, we continue to pursue commercial options and will send updated information as it becomes available. Rental cars are available at Bozeman Airport—make your reservations early as this is the busiest time of year.

II. Attending In-Person & COVID-19 Requirements

Vaccinations are not needed to attend the conference in Montana

  • Attendance is restricted and is open only to “Members.” That means Keepers of the Flame in good standing are welcome to attend in-person. Pre-registration is encouraged for all.
  • Social Distancing: Seating capacity in the Court will be limited to provide for space between people. Overflow seating will be provided in other locations on campus.
  • Temperature check daily: Upon arrival each day, personnel will take your temperature and ask if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Masks: These are not required and remain a personal preference for attendees.

III. On the Broadcast:

  • Russian language broadcast can be accessed through registration on the broadcast site.
  • Essentials of the Teachings program will require a separate registration from general Conference. That link will be provided soon for Keepers of the Flame.

IV. International Visitors Travel Requirements

If you plan on traveling to the Inner Retreat from outside the United States, we ask that you fulfill ONE of the following precautionary requirements:

  1. Quarantine for a minimum of 10 days.
  2. The quarantine may be reduced to 7 days after travel if you have a negative PCR test result 3-5 days after your arrival in the United States.
  3. Provide documentation of immunity, which could include documentation of infection in the past and recovery.

International Travel COVID-19 Precautionary Options

If you are considering traveling, please review current government guidelines for domestic and international travel:

COVID testing is available at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and Livingston Urgent Care.

V. Out-of-State U.S. versus International

  • Quarantine: No quarantine period is required for U.S. visitors from out of state. For international visitors, see following pages for testing and quarantine requirements.
  • While we will take every precaution to keep everyone safe, please understand that given the nature of the virus, we cannot offer any guarantees, and attendance is at your own risk. If you are in the category of people who are at higher risk of complications due to age or pre-existing health conditions, we recommend that you do not attend in person and join us on the broadcast instead.

VI. General Inner Retreat Attendance Guidelines

For everyone’s safety, please do not come to the Inner Retreat or your local Teaching Center or Study Group if you or anyone in your household:

  1. Has been diagnosed with the virus and has not met the criteria for when it is safe to be around others,
  2. Has symptoms of the virus,
  3. Is waiting for viral test results,
  4. Are known to have been in “close contact” with a person who has tested positive for the virus in the last 10 days, unless you have documentation of immunity, which could include documentation of infection in the past and recovery,
  5. Is at increased risk of severe illness from the virus.

VII. Requirements are subject to change based on current conditions in the weeks leading up to the conference.

Additional information about the coronavirus:

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