Easter Conference. March 31 – April 4.

An Easter Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch

Featuring dictations by:

  • Elohim Cyclopea

    Elohim Cyclopea

  • Elohim Peace

  • Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days

    Sanat Kumara

  • Kuan Yin

  • Jesus the Christ

I come in the fullness of resurrection’s flame that I might transfer to the aura of each one, so carefully prepared by yourselves in these days, that momentum of the resurrection that can give all the atoms a spin, the cosmic atoms a cosmic spin so that you may win and win your Victory in this life. May that spinning and that throwing off of humanly misqualified substance of karma, beloved, create evermore the concentration of the sacred fire in each sun center that does comprise the vast Body of God which you are.

Jesus the Christ, March 26, 1989

Conference Highlights

  • Jesus in the Resurrection flame

    Experience a renewed resurrection within your own being

    As you listen to profound dictations by Elohim Cyclopea, Sanat Kumara, Elohim Peace, Kuan Yin and beloved Jesus the Christ.

  • Easter Eggs

    Easter Sunday Service includes a story and an Easter egg hunt

    For the children and a beautiful dictation by Jesus Christ that contains keys to becoming his disciple.

  • Special teaching from our Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    And other timeless teachings to enhance your path of personal Christhood.

  • Power of the Spoken Word

    Fiery dynamic decree sessions

    Focused on the protection of America, for the protection and blessing of our communities worldwide, and for the illumination of all mankind to awaken to their fiery destiny.

  • Soul Retrieval

    Retrieve the lost fragments of your soul

    Through the Ritual of Soul Retrieval led by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on video.

  • Meditation on the initiations of Jesus during Passion week

How to participate

    Attending via Internet Broadcast

    Access the entire conference live on the Internet, including access to all replays, for $22, with or without a standard broadcast subscription. This option is open only to Keepers of the Flame beyond lesson 8. You can call our Member and Guest Services team to sign up. Call 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500. For Spanish, call 406-848-9501.

    Broadcast Sign up

    Attending in Person

    This Easter Conference will be primarily open to local attendees due to current state restrictions. There is a $33 registration fee per adult for participation in any one day or all days of the conference.

    For more information, please read the Easter 2021 Conference Attendance Guidelines.

    The Essentials of the Teachings Seminar

    A five-day seminar that will bring you powerful tools to address life’s challenges, deep insights about your own spiritual Reality, and an acceleration in higher consciousness. The seminar includes interactive workshops, powerful messages from the ascended masters called dictations, and special rituals for soul purification and upliftment.

Conference Attendance Guidelines

Easter 2021 Conference Attendance Guidelines

Revised March 26, 2021

With the continuing fall in COVID numbers across America and in the state of Montana, we feel it is appropriate to have broader guidelines for in-person attendance at the Easter Conference.

Montana is currently under a state of emergency due to the COVID pandemic. However, rather than specific mandates, the state now requires that “businesses should make reasonable efforts to develop and implement appropriate policies based on industry best practices during this emergency.”

Working within these parameters, we have adopted the following guidelines for our members who would like to attend the conference in person.

  1. Consistent with current guidelines for the state of Montana, no quarantine period is required for visitors from out of state. For international visitors, see below for testing and quarantine requirements.
  2. Our main program will be offered in King Arthur’s Court and will be broadcast worldwide. The Spanish program will be available on the TSL broadcast only. Russian translations can be accessed through registration on the TSLRussia.org broadcast site.
  3. Our interactive “Essentials of the Teachings” program will be conducted online, using Zoom videoconferencing. The Spanish Essentials Program will also be offered online.
  4. This event will not be open to the public. Only members will be able to attend (Keepers of the Flame in good standing), and they are encouraged to pre-register.
  5. Capacity in the Court will be limited in order to provide for distancing between people. We will not pre-assign seats. Limited overflow seating will be available if we reach capacity in the Court.
  6. Park County has a mandate, with limited exceptions, for face coverings in indoor public spaces and in outdoor spaces where social distancing is not possible.
  7. Since this event will not be open to the public, we will not be requiring conferees to wear masks, but you are welcome to do so.
  8. There will be fresh meals served daily during the conference, with precautions based on industry best practices.
  9. The bookstore will also be open to conference attendees, encouraging the use of face coverings and social distancing.
  10. While we will be taking every precaution to keep everyone safe, please understand that given the current state of the pandemic in Montana and the U.S. in general, we can’t offer any guarantees, and attendance is at your own risk. In particular, if you are in the category of people who are at higher risk for COVID-19 complications due to age or pre-existing health conditions, we recommend that you do not attend in person and join us on the broadcast instead.
  11. Due to limited numbers of staff and volunteers, we may not be able to provide all of the services we have offered in previous years. In particular:
    1. The cafeteria will be serving lunch and dinner but not breakfast.
    2. We are not able to offer any on-site housing for this conference.
    3. There is no shuttle service available.

International Visitors

International visitors who would like to attend the conference are asked to follow CDC guidelines. These include:

  • Get the mandatory test before flying.
  • Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel AND self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel.
  • Even if you test negative, self-quarantine for the full 7 days.
  • If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected. Follow local health department requirements for when it is safe to end quarantine.
  • If you don’t get tested, self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.

COVID testing is available at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital or the Livingston Urgent Care.

For more detail on CDC guidelines before and after international travel, see:

General Precautions

We will be checking temperatures daily before admission to King Arthur’s Court.

Please do not come to the Inner Retreat or your local Teaching Center or Study group if you or anyone in your household

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