Easter Retreat 2023

with the Seven Mighty Elohim

Wednesday, April 5 - Sunday, April 9, 2023

About the Conference

An Opportunity for your Soul to Step Up Her Spiritual Evolution

We invite you to join this international gathering of souls calling on their Mighty I AM Presence, working with the Masters, anchoring the blessing for planet earth and making all the difference in world events.

“The soul evolves through the cycles of the seasons, each cycle a turn in an ascending spiral. That’s why the Ascended Masters directed Mark Prophet to hold four quarterly conferences annually, one at the turn of each season.

“The conferences are an opportunity for the soul to step up her spiritual evolution through direct contact with the Ascended Masters and her I AM Presence.

“This step-up is facilitated by the soul’s Holy Christ Self and the Messenger’s pivotal contact with the students as well as with the hierarchy of light.

“The release of light through the Ascended Masters’ dictations and the students’ dynamic decrees gives the world a spiritual spin and accelerates the evolution of every soul on earth.

“If you make contact not only with the Mind of God and the Spirit of God but also with your own point of soul awareness and you maintain that contact between conferences, your soul may one day, when she has gained a certain God-mastery, enjoy an unbroken communion with God.

“Once she has accomplished this, her Holy Christ Self will extend to her his right hand and assist her in rising over a spiritual coil of light from the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the solar plexus to the heart chakra, thence to her original and lawful abode in the secret chamber of the heart.

“Ultimately this coil will become the ascension coil over which your soul rises to enter into her permanent union with God.”

–Vol. 38 No. 29 – Elizabeth Clare Prophet – July 2, 1995

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Easter Retreat 2023

How to Participate

The Easter Retreat has two options to meet your spiritual needs. The Essentials program is an information-rich track for those attending their first conference or are new Keepers of the Flame. The Main Conference program is for those who have been Keepers of the Flame for several years and are comfortable with daily decree sessions.

For more information on the Keepers of the Flame please go to: www.KeepersOfTheFlame.org

  • Essentials of the Teachings Program

    New to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters®?

    If this is your first conference or you are a new Keeper of the Flame, you are invited to join the Essentials of the Teachings program. This program adds more lectures and slower paced decree services, providing powerful and practical tools to help you with life’s challenges.

    To attend on-site, please contact us

    Essentials Online Registration
  • Easter Retreat – Main Program

    Attend in-person or online

    The Main Conference program includes advanced pace decree services for world transformation, ascended master dictations, lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, plus organizational updates. Our main program for Keepers of the Flame® on lesson 13 and above is in King Arthur’s Court (KAC) and online. The conference is offered in English and Spanish.

    Main Conference Registration

Easter Retreat

Event Highlights

  • Scriptural readings on the initiations of Jesus Christ

    Scriptural readings on the initiations of Jesus Christ during Passion week; the transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection, and the ascension in the light: initiations for all disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Dynamic decrees

    To roll back the tide of darkness in the earth and bring in an age of world freedom and enlightenment.

  • Messages and transfers of light

    Profound messages and transfers of light from Jesus Christ and the Seven Mighty Elohim

  • Chakra Meditation

    Meditation for the clearing of the chakras with the Lords of the Seven Rays

  • Resurrection I AM affirmation

    Lectures and devotions

    For the victory of the resurrection in you and in all elemental life. Includes the Surrender Rosary and the Resurrection Ritual

  • Divine Feminine Products

    Family-friendly activities

    Celebrating the culture of the Divine Mother with Easter Sunday breakfast, Family Sunday Service, and our annual children’s Easter egg hunt

  • Seat of the Soul Chakra

    Ritual of Soul Retrieval

    To develop the magnet of your heart and draw back the lost fragments of your soul. Led by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet (on video)

  • King Arthur's Court altar

    Sacraments and rituals

    Church Universal and Triumphant® sacraments and rituals: Presentation in the Temple of newborns, the sacrament of Baptism, and Communicant initiations

“Now turn around, beloved, and look at the millions behind you who did not come through the dispensation of my Piscean service. You must rise to the place of oneness with my heart that we might save them. You cannot save them alone; you need the mantle of the Saviour with you. And since you have not attained to the grace of the full mantle of Christhood in your own Christ Self, I am offering you the mantle of my own Christhood and that of my Electronic Presence as well, for the saving of the people of the world.”

– Beloved Jesus Christ, Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 36 no. 26, June 27, 1993

Easter Retreat

Registration Options

Conference Registration for the Main Program online and in-person is $40 per adult to participate on any one day or on all five days of the conference; it includes conference replays through May 12th, 2023. For Keepers of the Flame on lesson #13 and above.

In Person Registration

In King Arthur’s Court

$40 /adult
  • Call us to register before April 5th so your name tag is ready for pick up when you arrive! Or, come any time during the conference; please plan to arrive early to complete on-site registration and receive your name tag.
  • Call 1-800-245-5445 or +1 406-848-9500 (local MT and international); (español) +1 406-848-9501.

Internet Broadcast Registration

Broadcast & Replays

$40 /registration
  • April 4th is the last day to register for the conference broadcast if you would like assistance from the Member & Guest Services Team.
  • The option to self-register online is available at any time.

General Information


Healthy meals that include vegetarian options are served daily at the Ranch Headquarters cafeteria during the conference (breakfast, lunch and dinner). There are also restaurants in the nearby Gardiner area to expand your food choices.


  • Rentals at the Inner Retreat: Limited individual rooms are available near King Arthur’s Court at Ranch Headquarters. $400 for the conference. Reserve your private 2 twin-bed room from Tuesday evening April 4th through Monday April 10th. Email: LKehoe@tsl.org or CKneeland@tsl.org
  • RV Spots and Cabin rentals may be available from Yellowstone Hot Springs Resort. Please check their website for updates and more information: yellowstonehotspringsmt.com
  • Yellowstone Treasure Cabins rentals in Gardiner may be available. For reservations, please visit: ytcabins.com
  • For motels and other accommodation options in Gardiner, contact the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce: visitgardinermt.com


  • Flights: The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport flights are available from numerous airlines to over 20 cities in the United States, with connections all over the world. For more information, visit BozemanAirport.com
  • TSL Van rides: Airport van rides will be available for this conference. Ride information below applies to regular conferees and volunteers. The Bozeman Airport is 90 miles away from the Ranch. Donations to defray our costs are appreciated.
    • Arrival van rides from Bozeman Airport: Monday April 3rd, Tuesday April 4th at 1:00 p.m. only each day. No Pick-Up or Departure rides during the 5-day Conference.
    • Departure van rides to Bozeman Airport: Monday April 10th at 9:00 a.m.

To reserve your space, email LKehoe@tsl.org or CKneeland@tsl.org with your airline itinerary. Please make your reservations early. Rental cars are also available at the Bozeman Airport.

Volunteers in Action (VIA)

We welcome volunteer support! Experience the joy of serving with your spiritual brothers and sisters in the community of the Holy Spirit. Contact our volunteer coordinators if you are interested in volunteering. Volunteers must complete a minimum of 4 hours per conference day for meal/housing benefits. Please email your area of interest and service to LKehoe@tsl.org or CKneeland@tsl.org.

Volunteer Housing is available for a total of $150. This includes a private 2 twin bed room reserved for you from Monday April 3rd through Monday April 10th.

VIA Transportation rides/Registration: Donations to defray transportation costs are appreciated. The conference registration fee is $40. Please email LKehoe@tsl.org or CKneeland@tsl.org.

We Welcome Families!

Participate in the conference and in our parent co-op environments; the Toddler Room and the West Fellowship Room of King Arthur’s Court as well as in the co-op building (with fenced playground and video broadcast available). Join us for a joyful Family Sunday Service, Sunday School in the West Fellowship Room, and other youth-supported services and activities.

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