Blueprint for Healing

Techniques for True Healing and Balance in Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit

Event Highlights

Acknowledge the Light Within

Access your Inner Light to swiftly heal soul and spirit. This is the source of all healing.

Gain God-Control of Your Thoughts

Harness your thoughts and heal the mind with the Emerald Green Ray.

Practice Forgiveness and Gratitude

Heal your emotions and raise your consciousness with the cleansing, merciful, forgiving Violet Flame.

SEE Your Healing

Hold your body in a thought-form of healing Light…and ask the angels to join you on your healing journey.

An Interactive and Transformative
Worldwide Event

Immerse yourself in a multimedia experience that explores complete healing of body, mind and soul. An uplifting experience that everyone will enjoy and benefit from, whether first-time attendees or longtime spiritual seekers.

This special live event, presented in multiple locations around the world, will feature:

Explanation and interactive demonstration of tools and techniques for total healing, including meditations, affirmations, ascended master teachings, Q & A and bonus material for handy reference.

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