El Morya’s Golden Rope

El Morya’s Golden Rope

You may have heard about the Shakespeare cipher and the encoded teachings within each play, but did you know that El Morya’s dictations, taken from beginning to end are all cipher, as well? It’s true.

The cadences of El Morya’s mind conveyed through each sentence in his dictations form a rope-like pathway which leads directly to the secret chamber of his heart!

El Morya has spoken of the fact that all of his words are keys that will open by the “heat of divine fervor.”

Here is what El Morya said on August 9, 1987:

“Meditate upon the cadences of my mind, for they are a rope that you pick up at the beginning of a tunnel. And you follow the rope, and beyond its cadences and the paces through the tunnel you will reach the secret chamber of my heart. Hold on to the rope. Do not let go of it. My sentences form this strong hemp.
“Therefore, through all the darkness that you pass, beloved, you will find that the words of Morya from the beginning unto the end of our dictations are all cipher, all keys, all kernels that will open by the heat of divine fervor.”Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 30 No. 48

In addition to El Morya’s dictations on his rope, there is also a remarkable “I AM the Witness” (included at the end of this post) regarding El Morya’s golden rope.

Listening to all El Morya’s dictations, as some chelas have been moved to do, does take an investment of time. But those who have done it report it is well worth the effort.

Currently, there are about 105 hours available on AscendedMasterLibrary.org, which can be downloaded or used to create MP3s, ideal for listening at home or on the move.

Obtaining El Morya’s dictations on Ascended Master Library:

  1. Go to www.AscendedMasterLibrary.org and log in. (Currently only works with Explorer and Firefox browsers.)
  2. Click the “Create a New Project” button and choose whether you want MP3 CDs or a download. Note that at this time the download costs about $200.00 and the MP3 costs about $170.00.
  3. On the search page, click the “Advanced Search” button near the bottom.
  4. In the “Ascended Master” dropdown select “El Morya” and in the “Category” dropdown select Dictation and click the Search button.
  5. Click the “Add All” button and then the “Next” button.
  6. Give your MP3s or Download a name and click Next. Your shopping cart should have 9 MP3 CDs or 4 Downloads.
  7. Check out.
  8. I AM the Witness – 1996 – Hold On to the Rope

    “Dear Mother,
    “I would like to witness to you a series of events that began over twelve years ago that proved to me El Morya's love and concern for me—and that he is indeed here, caring personally for each of us.

    “It started back in 1983 when I had an inner retreat experience with El Morya. When I woke up, I remembered being seated in front of El Morya on a thick, plush carpet with other chelas seated nearby. Extending from his hand to my hand was a beautiful golden rope. He was instructing me, saying that whenever I was in need of him I could pull on this golden rope and that he would be there immediately to assist me. I then proceeded to pull on the rope. El Morya very lovingly chided me by saying that just now I did not need his help but that he wanted me to know just how close and accessible he was to me.

    “I awoke feeling profound love for El Morya and his presence in my life. However, in the months following this experience I struggled through a difficult period of my life. I gradually slid into states of selfishness and self-concern. I needed a realignment with El Morya's heart. He provided it in a dictation he gave on June 24, 1984, in the Heart of the Inner Retreat.

    “During the decree service I had been sitting near the back of the tent. Just preceding the dictation, I was asked by the usher if I would like to sit up front. I agreed and was led to the first seat in the first row.

    “Right before the dictation, the congregation was singing a song to El Morya. I remembered my rope dream and visualized myself pulling hard on a taut rope stretched between myself and El Morya. A few minutes into his dictation he said, ‘There is a sense of slack in the rope, as though a little slack will not hurt.' I was shocked to hear those words, especially in light of my visualization of a tight rope extending from my hand to his.

    “He then continued his discourse by asking, ‘When was the last time you listened to my dictation on the Gemini Mind of God?' (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, no. 43 – dictated Oct 8, 1977) I thought to myself, ‘Why, I read this Pearl of Wisdom often. He isn't talking to me.' El Morya continued, ‘…and its sequel?' I suddenly felt very humbled because I had no idea there were two dictations on the Gemini Mind.*

    “The entire dictation had a deep impact on me, for I felt like an open book that he was reading from. No thoughts or feelings could be hidden.

    “A few years later El Morya was scheduled to give a dictation on August 9, 1987 (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 30, no. 48). That afternoon preceding the dictation, I told two close friends about my ‘slack rope' experience back in 1984. They enjoyed hearing my story.

    Later that night we were thrilled to hear the end of El Morya's dictation, for he said:

    Meditate upon the cadences of my mind, for they are a rope that you pick up at the beginning of a tunnel. And you follow the rope, and beyond its cadences and the paces through the tunnel you will reach the secret chamber of my heart. Hold on to the rope. Do not let go of it. My sentences form this strong hemp.

    “I was so happy to hear those words, for to me they had a special, personal meaning and were so filled with love and encouragement.

    “I am so grateful for El Morya's presence in our Community and lives. Come what may, by God's grace, I plan to hang on to that rope that leads to his heart.”

    Note: some dictations by El Morya, like the 1975 The Chela and the Path series and the early Pearls of Wisdom are only available in written format!

    Let us move forward together! Let us go hand in hand! I place my Electronic Presence with each one of you as your father. I am exclusively and uniquely your own. It is a one-on-one relationship. You can have all of me to yourself, each one of you. For I AM that Son whose point of origin is the Great Central Sun, and therefore the Light that passes through me to you is the replication again and again and again of beloved Alpha. Thus, beloved, know this relationship and accept it as sufficient. – Beloved El Morya as the Patriarch Abraham Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 35 No. 25

    * The second dictation from November 10, 1977, The Gemini Mind, Part II: Victory Is to the Alert, is available at AscendedMasterLibrary.org. After logging in, click on Advanced Search and enter the Product Code “B78012.”

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