El Morya’s Deeper Mysteries of Epiphany

El Morya’s Deeper Mysteries of Epiphany

El Morya, King Melchior

The visit of the three wise men to Jesus the Christ Child is traditionally commemorated by the Church on Epiphany, which is celebrated each year on January 6th.

“Epiphany” is a Greek word meaning “manifestation.” Thus Epiphany commemorates the first manifestation of Jesus Christ to the world. The evening preceding Epiphany is known as the “twelfth night,” because it is the twelfth night after Christmas.

Scholars disagree on who the wise men who visited Jesus were and where they came from. The Greek word used in the Bible to describe the wise men is “Magos,” meaning magicians or priests versed in astrology. In Latin, the word is “Magi.” The Magi may have been members of a priestly caste of ancient Media and Persia. Some say that the Magi were a priesthood who served several religions.

Others say that the Magi were Zoroastrians who were accomplished astrologers and adept at prophesying and interpreting dreams. They are said to have used these skills to find the baby Jesus. The Magi claimed to be mediators between God and man.

After the third century the Magi who visited Jesus were considered to be kings rather than priests. Western Church tradition says that Balthazar was a king of Arabia, Melchior was a king of Persia and Caspar was a king of India.

The Ascended Masters teach that the three wise men were illumined lifestreams who followed their own “still, small voice within”—the promptings of their inner Christ Presence.

This divine wisdom drew them—each one—from their comfortable and accustomed abodes in various parts of the Orient, to travel alone through many dangerous and bandit-infested mountain passes and lonely desert wastes, until they all arrived at the same place, at the same (right) time.

The Kings Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar came not only to pay loving homage to Jesus who was to become “The King of the Piscean Age,” but also to give certain necessary spiritual radiations which were to bless the Holy Family then and later.

El Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul were embodied as the three kings. The Ascended Master El Morya was the king Melchior who bore the gift of gold to Jesus. The Ascended Master Kuthumi was the king Balthazar who brought the gift of frankincense. And the Ascended Master Djwal Kul, also known as the Tibetan Master, or the “Tibetan,”was the king Caspar who  carried the gift of myrrh.

In a dictation given on Epiphany in 1980, El Morya imparted some of the deeper mysteries of that event. This ascended master dictation was published in the Pearls of Wisdom® Vol 23 No 1.

The Feast of the Epiphany

Chelas of the Will of God!

I salute you in the epiphany of the Light—the Light that became the Word and the Word that was manifest in the infant Messiah.

The appearance of the Magi silhouetted on the horizon of the messianic age was the sign of the coming of the threefold flame in him and in all who would come from the ends of the earth to worship the Godhead dwelling in him bodily. And the little child whose star led us to the shrine of the Godhead at the altar of his heart was even then the great initiator of our souls.

We came with devotion, with determination, and with the native light of our own divinity which mirrored his own. By the light of God within us, we perceived his light. It is ever thus. And no manifestation—human, elemental, or divine—can perceive his love except it be endowed with that love.

Our appearing, celebrated throughout Christendom as the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6, is the sign that the kings and the priests of the gentile nations and the lowly and humble of heart, one and all who come to his birth bearing the gifts of the Trinity—tokens of devotion, determination, and, most importantly, divinity—may be received of him unto whom it is given to transfer the light of Sonship.

My beloved chelas of the will of God, among those who love the LORD very few are willing to do his will and to walk in his footsteps. And the path that was made so plain, from the plains of Bethlehem to Bethany's hill, has become of noneffect in the lives of little children.

Those kings and princes of the world who had no light within them have come to adore, though they themselves contained not the flame of God's adoration. They came determined to have his light, though they had no light within them whereby to receive his light. They came with the sense of their personal divinity that was nothing more than the self-importance of the not-self. They had no cup to receive the transfer of his light.

They have come and gone a thousand times. Empty-handed they come, empty-handed they go. But the folly of it all is that they know it not. And their ritual both blind and dead, though not altering the Godhead one iota, has fooled the foolish instead. And the delicate thread of life and the spark so tenuous in the infant souls of humanity has not been quickened by those who could not be quickened because they had no life in them. Such is the state of affairs in Christendom.

While the top echelons of the blind leaders of the blind argue by what manifestation He is come, as though by their conclusive arguments they could procure salvation unto themselves and the masses, the saints led by his Holy Spirit gather around those very special souls of light who are anointed to keep the love fires burning in the heart of the Body of God.

He received us then,
The little Christ Child,
He receives us now.
He looked into our eyes,
Reestablished the ancient ties
Of a brotherhood so far beyond
The moment of an appearing.
Yet the star above and the star below
Made the sign of the cross,
And we crossed the desert sands
Bearing to our native lands
The light to rekindle a world.

We shall ne'er forget
His penetrating eye.
It has never left us
In all of these centuries.
We saw that day
The eye of God upon the world
And in his face an expression
Like unto our Father,
The Ancient of Days.

It was the eternal recognition
Of the members of our bands,
And we are ever one across the sands
Of time and space.
There are no compartments in heaven or in earth
That can separate us from the memory
Of that eternal sun shining in our midst,
And in our hearts forever echoing
The mantra, “We are one, we are one.”

We held the balance for his life. We held the star of the east which in the fullness of the cycles of time and space he would follow to the retreats of the Brotherhood—to Egypt, to Persia, and to the shrine of the World Mother in India. There he came to consecrate his life to the salvation of the root races of earth's evolutions and to receive the mantle of their Manus.

He alone
Is the connecting link
Of East and West.
His willingness
To do the will of God
Is yet remembered
By the rishis and the saints.
And the fragrance of jasmine,
Lotus blossom, and frankincense
Remind the devotees of God's will
That he came from out the starry bands
Of heavenly hosts,
Trailing light and glory,
Proclaiming the mantra and the story
Of the bodhisattvas of God's will:
Lo, I AM come to do thy will, O God!

In the full remembrance of the Ancient of Days and the Lamb sent unto the hundred forty and four thousand, we come to the heart of every true believer of the Word and we celebrate the epiphany of Christ. Now it is the Second Advent and the hour of the appearing of The Lord Our Righteousness in your heart.

O chela of the will of God, pause in your evening prayer to receive us. As you look into our eyes, remember that we are remembering the look of the Holy Child as he received us so long ago.

We recognize the Guru of your heart. We are ever chelas of the Great God whose Light is also come unto you. We set the example of devotion, determination, and essential divinity. We tend the altar of your heart. We prepare your soul for His coming. With us bow low before his Presence.

O Holy Christ Self, pure stream and issue of God unto the beloved, receive now thine own. Assist to atone. Establish thy Word. Lo, He is come!

And make them one as we are the Three in One—El Morya with Kuthumi and Djwal Kul
for Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in the secret manger of your heart.

Pearls of Wisdom® Vol 23 No 1, January 6, 1980

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