Losar – El Morya’s Concern for Chelas in Tibet

Losar – El Morya’s Concern for Chelas in Tibet

Losar – New Year in Tibet

Losar is the Tibetan word New Year.

Traditionally Losar, ལོ་གསར་, mixes sacred and secular practices—prayers, ceremonies, and hanging prayer flags with folk dancing, a combination of Buddhist ceremony and family celebration.

Master El Morya and Sponsor of Tibet

The Ascended Master El Morya has been the sponsor of the Tibetan people and their culture for many centuries.

Many years ago Master Morya told Elizabeth Clare Prophet that the situation in Tibet was desperate.

As the Ascended Lady Master Nada Rayborn said, “So many souls who have engaged in enormous travail for the cause of Light have lost their lives under the weight of planetary karma.

Destruction of Tibet's Culture

“As you know, your beloved El Morya is burdened by the plight of the Tibetans. So many have been slaughtered and abused, and the Tibetan culture of thousands of years is being destroyed before your very eyes.

“Great devotees of light have had to go through the pain of death only to return again, some because of their karma and some solely because of atrocities committed against them, which aborted their missions. Many of these are ready to be born again, and they yearn to be in a place of protection in the United States, even in this very Community. We look to the future and to generations unborn. We look to you as God-parents who will bring in souls who one day shall champion the cause of the Brotherhood.

“That day may not be far hence, for the desire of our Father-Mother God is to accelerate the light, to hasten the days and to shorten them for the elect's sake.” The Ascended Lady Master Nada Rayborn, published in the Pearls of Wisdom® vol 38  no 20, May 7, 1995.

ePearls, free electronic Pearls of WisdomFree ePearls by El Morya

The Ascended Master El Morya wrote a series of intensely personal messages to those who would be his students. Written somewhat in the tradition of the Zen masters of the East, they contains keys that we all need to meet the challenges of the spiritual path in a modern world.

Originally published as print Pearls of Wisdom®, they are now available by email as PDFs. Subscribe for your free 16-week Introductory series.

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