Ascended Master El Morya – Losar and Tibet

Ascended Master El Morya – Losar and Tibet

Losar – Tibetan New Year

Losar is a three-day festival starting the first day of the first month of the Tibetan lunar calendar.

Morya told Elizabeth Clare Prophet that, at dawn, whenever dawn was corresponding to this time, certain of his chelas would be shot and others would be imprisoned.

El Morya and his Chelas in Tibet

“I thought of how many countries in the world El Morya has specific individuals that he is working with, Tibet being one of them. And you take a, a community of Lightbearers such as the Tibetans and the Dalai Lama and you realize that among all of them there are certain ones whose karma, whose light, whose diligence, whose true spirituality qualify them to be his chelas.

“And I thought of the way in which they live, the austerity, their great rituals, their great teachings, the knowledge that is passed down in their books and all of this culture being destroyed.

“It is simply heartbreaking to observe a Master watch what he has built and sponsored for century upon century upon century in Tibet among these people, to watch them being destroyed by the hordes of these Communist Chinese moving in, to destroy them culturally, genetically, and in every way.

“I think that you have some co-measurement in just the endeavors you have worked with in your own lifetime or those whom you loved and things that are important to you and things that you have built and what it means if perchance they should be taken from you.

“So I would like to enlist you to decree for El Morya, with great intensity and loyalty and love and to know that all that we give him is not only used for the Tibetans but it is used and does come back upon us to reinforce this tremendous cord of light that must be sustained with the Master.

Intensifying the Threefold Flame in Our Heart

“It is urgent that you intensify the threefold flame in your heart and your own embodied Christhood, that you compare yourselves to people like the Tibetans because they are our brothers and sisters, the hardships they live under and in the very Eastern tradition of their faith how little they have and own and how their desires for the things of this world, their materialism is simply not a part of their culture. They more easily are drawn into the yangness of the Spirit, even as we are so easily drawn into the yinness of the things of this world and the concerns and the selfishness and the blindspots.

“People don't have a sense of co-measurement of what it really takes to be a fiery chela that can hold the weight of anchoring in the Matter spheres that point of the Ascended Master.

Ascended master El Morya“I ask you to heed this with a profound contact within with your God presence and to know that you must forge a link to your Holy Christ Self and your I AM Presence that will be strong and strong enough to sustain you when and if you should be tossed and tumbled in this astral sea, whether in physical embodiment or out of it.

“Let our gratitude, our joy, our love, our devotion, our sensitivity to El Morya's feeling, his heart and his need in this hour be so conveyed that the world may be electrified to have the direct knowledge of the one whose presence they have felt so long, the very presence of the undergirding, the underpinning of the economy, our nation, our government, our Congress, our law, our courts, our youth.

“Where is El Morya that he is not, O God? He is everywhere, and therefore we desire to be himself everywhere that everywhere we go Alpha and Omega might see and hear El Morya walking.

“Beloved ones, I would tell you that when we lived in La Tourelle the halls were long, and many of the floors were not carpeted.  One of the most thrilling sounds that I could ever hear would be hearing the footsteps of Mark walking down the hall or ascending the stairs to the tower where I would be writing Climb the Highest Mountain, or the Keepers of the Flame® lessons, and the Pearls of Wisdom®. And his footstep was at once his own and El Morya's.

“I would like this world to resound with your footstep as the footstep of El Morya. And it is so, and it will be so when you love him so. “

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