Master Morya’s Christmas Day Message

Master Morya’s Christmas Day Message

“And so this is my Christmas message to you this day.

“Even as we followed the star to the place where Jesus lay, I come again, then, to point the way and to say to you that if you follow the star of your mighty I AM Presence and pursue it well, if you heed not the whisperings of the Herods and the earthly kings and the earthly powers but move on to find the Christ Child where he lay, you shall find your divine calling and your mission.

“You shall perceive it and you shall know it.

“And in its knowing, the fiery essence of the will of God shall make it so beautiful and wondrous and magnificent in thy sight that thou shalt nevermore be able to refrain from outpicturing it in action.

“For this is the beauty of God's holy will—that it is so wondrous that man, once he has perceived it, cannot help but outpicture it! And if students of Light are not outpicturing the holy will of God, it is because they have not perceived it to begin with. For to know God is to know his will, and to know his will is to perform it upon earth.”

Ascended Master El Morya, quoted in Paths of Light and Darkness, by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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