Easter Eggs – Hide and Seek of the Soul

Easter Eggs – Hide and Seek of the Soul

The true meaning of the colored Easter eggs is that mankind should paint their auras with the colors of the causal body of the Cosmic Christ and therefore take part in the ritual of the resurrection.

Easter Eggs Hunt's Inner Significance

The Easter-egg hunt is to teach the children to look for the secret rays, for the causal body, for the white fire core, and to have the joy of the discovery of the Christ consciousness, the proving of the Law.

When prizes are awarded for the one who finds the most Easter eggs, the child's soul learns that there is a reward in heaven for each ring of the causal body with which he adorns the soul.
Children must have a sense of the quest, developing a mental dexterity, an understanding of the need to rely on intuition and inspiration and compass and the stars and so many signs that nature gives.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches to not so easily give to a child the answer, for the answer is not important. It is the ritual of seeking and finding in all things—having to muster the will, having to have enough desire in the attainment of the prize to pursue.

The Lesson of Competition

Competition in life, in sports and games is useful to a point. For the desire to excel is truly the excellence of the first ray, fired by love for the prize. And the prize becomes more precious and more precious as sights are elevated. And soon the prizes of this world no longer satisfy.

It is good to win the medals and the cups. It is good to show the point of winning and victory only to realize that having thus conquered, one need not conquer again but one is ready for spiritual heights. And one knows that with effort and commeasurement and the inner sensing of the nearness of the stars one can achieve the goal of immortality.

The above ascended master teachings were excerpted from the following Pearls of Wisdom: El Morya, vol. 29 no. 17 and Lord Maitreya, vol. 27 no. 45.

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