Easter Ashram Note – Mark Prophet

Easter Ashram Note – Mark Prophet

Easter Ashram Note #23, from the book, Ashram Notes by the ascended master El Morya.

As we turn our hearts to the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Eastertide, it is a time to meditate upon the significance of his example.

Were we to forever think upon the roles he played scene after scene in the great drama of his life's mission without emulating his example, just letting him do it all for us, we would never attain our victory in the imitation of Christ.

And unless we follow him in the regeneration of our souls by delivering his word and doing his works with signs following, we will not put on the mantle of our own Christhood, wherewith we should put out the hellfires of damnation and despair.

For truly we must, if we ourselves would escape the grave, “put off the old man with his deeds,” as Paul admonished, and “put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him,” for “Christ is all, and in all.”

Let grave and graveclothes be done away with—and all human habits that have shrouded and buried us in mortality!

We will have none of it, for Christ the Lord is risen in us today!

Now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation. The kingdom of heaven is at hand for you  whenever you decide to open wide the door of your heart to the Holy Spirit, bidding him enter and allowing him to breathe the breath of life upon the divine spark until the threefold flame is reignited and the gift of embryonic God consciousness is yours to fan, and fan again, and fan again!

Ask for this and ye shall receive it. The Comforter will come. He will pour the comfort flame through your mind, your body and your spirit. He will raise your threefold nature into the Trinity of God's divinity within you.

The dross of density will the fire consume. Just let God's flame live in you and expand and expand and expand the Trinity of its Power, its Wisdom, its Love. Let the mutuality of your will and God's will sustain it. This is the highest cooperation of Father and Son, as Above, so below, through the agency of the Holy Spirit.

All the fullness of resurrection's glory awaits your recognition of the Inner Christ—but you must call it forth. You must overcome the unglorious sense of human selfhood and enter the glorious sense of Christ Selfhood.

You must do the Father's will, whether the human like it or not, for you can't take the human with you when you go.  But the soul must attain her resurrection or the soul isn't going anywhere!

You must know that the treasure house of your Causal Body houses your Mighty I AM Presence, the Great God Self, who is stronger than a winged lion.  This thoughtform is the symbol of Saint Mark. To me it is a sign of my hope in Christ my Saviour and in the God Presence with me. Yet I know I must do my part. And you must do your part.

And as we play our bit parts we discover a mutual dependence as members of Christ's Body here on earth. This doctrine of the Lord working in us and through us seems controversial at times but it is hidden in the mystery of the Father-Mother and the triune God.

My most divine message of evangelism is yet to be revealed, for it is locked in the ascension process itself—mine and yours. Remember, dear hearts, that after Jesus' resurrection the most glorious of all occurrences was the glory that took place on Bethany's hill, when a cloud received him out of their sight.

Throughout each year to come unto your victory in the Light, and especially during the Easter season, hold fast to this advice: Cease to look at death whether as your enemy or as your friend. Cease to plan for your death or for anyone else's death.

On behalf of all souls evolving on planet earth, concentrate the energies of your lifestream in the visualization of the winged lion of the redeemed self becoming one with the winged God Self.  Hold the picture in your mind's eye of your soul's ascension unto the I AM THAT I AM.

Let the rays of the Divine Sun of your dazzling God Reality blaze forth from your chakras and your aura.  And let the Sun rays of your heart blend with the Sun rays of Helios and Vesta (the Father-Mother who keep resurrection's flame in the sun center of our solar system).

Activate resurrection's fires in the body temples of all on earth who serve the Lord, even as those fires were self-activated in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and multiplied by the Cosmic Christ overshadowing him two thousand years ago.

When reaching for the Most High God and the hand of your Elder Brother, remember that Hope joins hands with Constancy and that Effort will bear fruit!

Blessings forever and forever. And may the Divine Union in the company of saints, angelic hosts and Ascended Masters of the Father's kingdom be ours unto eternal life.

I AM your brother,

The ascended master El Morya commented: “This Ashram Note is from the one you call Saint Mark, who is serving with us today as the amanuensis of our Ashram. The message of my son, who labors in Christ's name, bears my blessing. My greetings to you with every new sunrise of your life.”

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