A Valentine to All Who Love

A Valentine to All Who Love

From Mother, Saint Germain and Paul the Venetian

This love is so infinite…that you can never stop giving of it and never stop being refilled.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Teaching on Twin Flames, February 13, 1988

As the day of Saint Valentine is upon us, I give you, then, a gift from my purple fiery heart. And the purple-fiery-heart matrix, beloved, is an amethyst heart surrounded by tiny diamonds….These hearts come to you now as with wings. They are superimposed as a focus of my heart over your heart. By this gift of the valentine of my heart, beloved, may you know that our hearts are one.
Saint Germain, February 13, 1988

May I say to all that your heart is indeed one of the choicest gifts of God….Draw from God the power of love and amplify it within your heart.
Saint Germain, February 12, 1967


  • Teaching on Twin Flames, Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 13, 1988 30 min.
  • Dictation by Saint Germain, February 13, 1988 30 min.
  • Mother reading Saint Germain's valentine poem and teachings, February 3, 1980 21 min.
  • Printed dictation by Paul the Venetian, February 11, 1973

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