The Lost Years and The Lost Teachings of Jesus DVD

The Lost Years and The Lost Teachings of Jesus DVD

The Lost Years and The Lost Teachings of Jesus by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Age thirteen: Jesus departs Jerusalem with merchants and he sets out towards the Sind (present-day southeast Pakistan).

His purpose: “perfecting himself in the Divine Word and studying the laws of the great Buddhas.”


  • Chronology of Jesus' travels to the East
  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet discusses the extant writings and and oral traditions proving that Jesus taught after his resurrection and
  • The Secret Gospel: The Discovery and Interpretation of the Secret Gospel According to Mark discovered by scholar Morton Smith in 1958

Second-century Church Father Clement of Alexandria wrote that this secret Gospel contained material that was omitted from the Book of Mark, chapter 10. This material is a variant of the Lazarus story, which is found only in the Book of John.

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