A Life Lived in Love

A Life Lived in Love

DVD Biography on Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's life story told in her own words and in the words of the ascended masters.

See her as you've never seen her before, lovingly captured in an inspiring, fascinating and uplifting tribute.

“There is only one purpose for the incarnation of a prophet or a guru and that is to pass the flame of hierarchy. Those who become Gurus have already earned their ascension, so there's nothing to keep them on earth except their dharma, or their duty to set an example by being God incarnate.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Answers about the Life of Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939 – 2009)

Since 1961 Elizabeth Clare Prophet pioneered the New Age movement with her husband, Mark Prophet. She preceded the fads and brought a new awareness to a collective body of souls worldwide.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s books are landmarks in the spiritual skyline. She challenged orthodoxy with bold questions, and even bolder answers. She explored the mystical paths of the world’s religions and taught of the common thread that brings us together: the path Godward.

Her surname was Prophet, and it was her calling as well. The word “prophet” comes from the Greek prophetes – literally “to speak for,” hence a messenger; a prophet is “one who utters divinely inspired revelations.” She was a prophet of God and the messenger for the Ascended Masters. Her students call her “Guru Ma” (the teacher who is mother) and “Mother” because of her devotion to the flame of God as Mother.

On October 15, 2009, the soul of Elizabeth Clare Prophet took flight from this earth, leaving an incredible legacy of ascended master teachings to help bring in a golden age of peace and enlightenment.

What kind of a woman was Elizabeth Clare Prophet? What prompted her to become the Messenger of the Ascended Masters? Who would choose such an unpopular role and why?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet's life story told in her own words and in the words of the ascended masters.
1 DVD, English (original), Voice-overs in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French.

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