Durga – Shiva’s Unfathomable Shakti

Durga – Shiva’s Unfathomable Shakti

Durga – Shiva's Unfathomable Shakti

Chaitra Navratri, also known as Chait Navaratri,  is a nine-day Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

In the Hindu tradition, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—are the masculine personifications of God in Spirit.

The masculine aspect is inactive in the physical plane.  It requires the activating force of the feminine counterpart to release the intense Light and energy of creation in matter.

Shiva's Shakti are Parvati, Kali and Durga.

Durga is called the Goddess Beyond Reach or the Unfathomable One. Terrible and menacing to her enemies, she is known as the destroyer of demons and is a fierce defender of God's children.

Our souls, both men and women, are the feminine polarity of God in Matter. We are the Shakti of  Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Therefore we understand that whatever is going to happen in the material universe, it must happen through us.

Ascended Lady Master Durga, Consort of Shiva, on Abortion

Know this, therefore, beloved, that to embrace me and my fierceness is to be free forever from all demons and discarnates. And that embracing must take place every day of your life, beloved, yes, every day of your life. For there are billions upon billions upon billions of discarnates and demons of all manifestation that torment the youth.

I call you to be fathers and mothers of the youth of the world, to go out and rescue them, to deliver the mandate of right education, to deliver the mandate of “Life Begets Life” and to go out and slay, by the power of the Ruby Ray sword, those who commit the unpardonable crime of abortion of the child in the womb. Blessed hearts, if you would see my wrath, then know it as I bring it down upon those who are in the very process of engaging in using that knife or whatever means they use.

Blessed hearts, I require your calls and you will see this entire massacre turned around. Let us have the dedication. Let us have the hearts…

For when you make the call I am there, I place my presence over you, I swing my sword. I can dispel any doubt or fear or torment.

I can assist you this day to, this day, become who you really are and to begin to assimilate that process by the power of your own Christhood. I can so accelerate the cycles in you of immortal life, beloved.

And believe me, I do not boast.

I deliver! I deliver! I deliver! I deliver! I deliver! I deliver! I deliver!

I deliver what I tell you I deliver!

And I am also in the heart of every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being. I am there, for the Mother Flame is in every heart and I am in the heart of the Mother Flame.

Shiva is in the heart of every Ascended and Cosmic Being and I am in the heart of Shiva.

Therefore, you see, there is nowhere you can run and hide from me, for I am within you, I am without you and I am everywhere.

Therefore let the whirling of the dance of the mighty legions who have come with me begin, for the whirling of the mighty fire of Shiva and Durga and all hosts of the LORD does commence. And therefore these false hierarchies are being routed.

And this is the greatest, most joyous battle that I can ever tell you of, beloved ones. Happy are ye that ye are engaged within it! Happy are ye that ye do engage in it, beloved.

So I am from the Central Sun! So I am from the very depths of Death and Hell! There is nowhere that I do not go, for I am fearless and fearlessness flame!

I am that Durga! I am that Durga! I am that Durga! I am that Durga!

Try me, beloved, for you can see such a mighty explosion of light, such a momentum of attainment in your own consciousness that you will wonder why you did not begin a million years ago to call upon me.

Yes, I have been waiting that long for some. So you are here! So I congratulate you! And so I imprint upon your own third eye the image of myself lest you forget. For do not think that I will necessarily be here in another million years to rescue you again, beloved.

Therefore take me or leave me today!

This ascended master dictation from Durga was published in thePearls of Wisdom, vol. 35 no. 5.

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