Tithing Saved My Life

139965072I had the great pleasure to attend Summit University in the Fall Quarter of 1989. This was sponsored by Sanat Kumara and the Ruby Ray masters. I had found the teachings a year earlier and just knew I had to be there. I resigned my one year old job at a new company called Dell Computer and sold many of the things I had and headed to Montana for 12 weeks. Looking back, it was one of the best things I have ever done and it was also one of the hardest things I have ever done.

After leaving Summit University, it took only about two months to lose the light I had invoked and become caught up in the things of the world again. I was fighting alcoholism before I went to SU and it came back and was a plague upon me for at least 16 years after I left.  During the next 19 years after leaving SU, there were many, many things in my path. I had three marriages, two children, lived in 3 different states, had many jobs and passed through the lives of many people. During these years and having lost the light from SU, I was alive but not really. The days were long and I could not find any real joy in anything. Not in family, work, a beautiful sunset, a pretty picture or a song. There was a terrible dryness to all of life and I wondered if I would ever find any joy again. It all seemed so empty. I did not decree or really do anything related to the teachings. I did however know somehow deep inside that one day, I would be come back to the teachings. I just did not know how. I kept up my Keeper of the Flame dues and occasionally I would read a Pearl of Wisdom when it came in the mail, though not all that came. I would read it once and put it away. I did keep all my books I had acquired in the early days and all of my notes from SU. I treasured them inside and just knew I needed to keep them.

One day around 19 years after I left SU, I had the strong urge to at least try and give some decrees as I drove to/from work each day. My goal was to give 15 – 20 minutes a day for one year to “prove” the efficacy of decrees to myself. I was able to do this for about 3 months and then it fell away.

About three months after that I had the strong urge to tithe ten percent of my income to the church, to do it FAITHFULLY and not look back. This I started to do. I did this for six months straight and then to my great gratitude, God took over.

I went to bed one Saturday night like any other. However, when I woke up the next day, I was a new man. Things simply were not to be the same ever again. I decreed for two hours that day and have been steadily doing this for the last two years. What a two years it has been! I have been blessed in so many ways.

On my last move to the state I now live in, I lived about 15 miles from a study group in a major city. I had lived by this group for 6 years before my special day happened and yet I could not get to a meeting there. After my special day happened, I became a regular there for many services every week from that time forward and have been a contributor every since. I even became a board member. I have had the great pleasure to get back to the ranch for the 50th gala anniversary, the later Easter conference where I became a communicant and now I am going to the upcoming summer conference. I have found joy again in myself, the world and my fellow man. I have also always had more than enough supply to pay my bills, have extra to help others and my study group and generally do what is needed in my life. All Glory to God.

There have been many other wonderful things on my journey that I treasure and keep to myself. What I do know is that I AM back in God’s hands (of course he never left) and he through the Ascended Masters watches over every single thing I think and do. I can never express my Love and Gratitude for what the Messengers have done for all the Light bearers on this planet. Praise God.

I firmly believe that if I had not listened to the inner voice and started to faithfully tithe, none of this would have happened as it has. I am ever so grateful, grateful, and grateful. The beauty is that the journey keeps getting better every day. Just the little things that happen are so special. Oh, there are still challenges and some tough work to do every day, but I look forward to them and the growth that comes along with them. Yes, it was definitely worth the effort!

Thank you El Morya, St. Germain, Lanello, Guru Ma and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.



The Difference Between Tithing and Not Doing It

test-handsMotivated by the invitation to express our testimonies about the practice of tithing, I want to share with you my experience.

Since I was 12 years old my mother would invite me to participate in the drafting and the distribution of our family budget so that this would serve for my learning.  From this activity the one thing that had the most impact on me was that of tithing; it was the first thing budgeted. She taught me that the tithe is the part that belonged to God and that it is sacred.

Even though the family income was very modest, our basic needs were always covered, we never lack the essentials. In my adult life, when I begun to generate my own income, I didn’t always practice the law of the tithe, partly because I didn’t know a Church that I liked.

When I became in contact with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, I re-start practicing this law and I can assure you without a doubt that the difference between giving the tithe and not doing it, is absolutely from heaven to earth [big].

With Love,

-Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


An Accident?

This is a story about a member of the study group in McAllen, Texas:

“One of the members of our study group was recently laid off from her job at a bank. She was summarily dismissed meaning… they gave her no notice! She was devastated. Her husband is a teacher and with their reduced financial circumstances they had to make a decision about their tithe to The Summit Lighthouse. After prayer and deliberation they decided to continue tithing on the one income they now had. One of the reasons they decided to keep tithing is that they were inspired by a testimony they heard from Myna Carter during one of the Saint Germain services…a story of how she was jobless, practically homeless. Myna got the prompting to resume tithing and her life got back on track financially and in all ways. This story was an inspiration to them that their belief in the tithe was reinforced.

Within three weeks she found a new position at double her former salary, along with much better working conditions and colleagues. She is enjoying her work immensely and thanking God for giving her a much better job. This happened in March of 2009.

An accident? I choose to believe that this faithful chela and her husband were the recipients of the result of tithing. They had faith that God would provide for them.”

-Texas, USA


Tithing Yourself to God is a Blessing Beyond your Wildest Dreams

My Mighty I am Presence and Holy Christ Self you are my infinite abundance and supply!test-yolanda

I was born and grew up in the wonderful hills at the foot of the Andes Mountains in South America.  As a child I was not raised with the consciousness of tithing; rather as a Catholic family we donated a few coins at Sunday Mass without the sacredness of tithing.  From my late teens I owned my own business, and by God’s grace I always had what I needed and more.  I never consciously tithed, though I fed the homeless children ever since I can remember; and I feel that was my way of tithing.

I found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in 1985 and became a Keeper of the Flame in 1987.  In 1989, I attended Summit University (SU) where I learned about the Law of the Tithe.  When I returned from SU the backlash was tremendous.  As karma descended my financial situation became so rough that not only did I not have enough money to tithe, but I had to relocate me and my family to the USA.  At this time I began to put in practice the law of tithing.  I promised the masters and myself that no matter what I will fulfill the law.  Since 1992, I can say I have never missed my tithe and at the same time God has never failed me either.

I could share with you every little miracle in the past 10 years, though I will give you just a taste of what God can do for you too.  Until recently I was out of work for 6 months; and because I never failed to tithe, He graciously provided me with enough to meet all of my needs, including paying my tithe. I even have had a spare new twenty dollar bill to put under my bed for a rainy day.  A couple of weeks ago I attended the Regional Stewardship Retreat in Bellevue, and what a wonderful gathering that was.  We were asked to fill out a tithe sheet, and I promised the Lord an extra gift for all of His blessings.  The same day I received a message  that was left on my voice mail, this message was left at the same hour I made my offer to God.

The message  said, ‘My brother is in the hospital and he  wants to hire you for the next two months; please call me.’  The miracle here is that after not working for six months, God gave me the opportunity to work in a great environment with all kinds of pampering and comfort but also to  make in this short period of time what I usually earn in 6 months!  The way I see it, He wanted me rested and prepared me for this new cycle of abundance.  I am writing my story not so much as to impress you all, but rather to impress upon you the fact that tithing yourself to God is a blessing beyond your wildest dreams.  It comes back to you like a shower flooding you and your world with mercy and graces. I AM A WITNESS.”



The Company I Built Came Tumbling Down 

Test-flowerWe all face setbacks in life. But when they happen to us, it is sometimes difficult to understand why God has allowed them. I had a financial setback a few years ago. The company I had built over several years came tumbling down. As I looked at the ruins around me, I felt defeated and at a loss to know how I would support my wife and young children. I prayed fervently for the masters’ assistance every day. A year later, the financial hardship had nearly run its course.

I understood from studying the Teachings of the Ascended Masters that difficult situations like illness, divorce or in my case financial crisis are like the stirring up and rekindling of a fire that has begun to die even though life seems good and we are at peace. It is as if our Holy Christ Self wants us to build anew on a fresh foundation. It is in these painful situations that we often learn the greatest and most valuable lessons in life.

In my outer success, I had begun to place the masters and their teachings in the background of my life. My daily prayers had become an occasional affair. I had stopped tithing. Tithing is one of those things that seem difficult if we think with our heads but so natural when we dwell in our hearts. It is a delicate and secret joy when we feel the slight pinch of our human consciousness in giving our tithe.

Spiritually I had lost my way. If I had continued in this manner, my spiritual life would have continued to diminish as my worldly success grew. And so my financial distress was my ultimate good fortune because it brought me to my senses, brought me back to what is important–that is pursuing the life of the Spirit first and everything else second. Praise God for His wisdom and love!

-Chicago, USA

A Christmas Gift

Tithing for my husband and I has been very important to us since the time we became communicants of Church Universal and Triumphant and  first learned about the law of the tithe.

We used to live in California. At first,  we would  always send the tithe form my husband’s income. I was not working at the time. I decided to tithe from whatever money came to my hands. I started with $ 5.00, then $7.00, and up it went! Even though  I could not find a job, I kept tithing. Then suddenly  job opportunities came to us and we moved to  Montana!  Over time, I have  seen that as we tithe the income we need  always  comes to us. And not only as work income, but as all kinds of economical help like a lower rent.

We also decided that since this is our Beloved Church, as God would provide we would give a Christmas gift to the Organization. Wow! The gifts that came after that were completely unexpected. For example, we were able  to buy a  home at East Gate. I have heard, hold nothing from God and HE WILL HOLD NOTHING FROM YOU!   He has been so generous to  us, as we have fulfilled the law of the tithe, and have served.  And I am ever so grateful to God for the opportunity to tithe and tie ourselves more to Him as that has been my experience; tithing is a closer walk with God.