Do Not Be Concerned with the Sensationalizing of the News

Do Not Be Concerned with the Sensationalizing of the News

This excerpt from a dictation by the Goddess of Liberty was delivered July 4, 1995, FREEDOM 1995: “Soul Evolution—A Fusion of Mind and Spirit,” held June 24 through July 4, 1995, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana and published in the 2004 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 47 No. 17.

I would remind you, beloved, that what you see and hear about in the media is often that which is the most shocking, not necessarily what is the beauty of the spirits of the rank and file of the people in all nations in the earth. You do not hear about all of the good and wonderful things that people are doing, and you have seen that in your own movement here.

Once reporters come and find out just what you are doing that is positive, many of them go away without writing articles because they cannot write something that is sensationalistic, that somehow will draw the lower mind to accuse and to put down and to somehow upset but never to bring the reality of the people of this world who are the wondrous people—the people who follow the Buddha, the Christ, Zarathustra, Lao-Tzu, and on and on and on.

Yes, beloved, that is why we have the sense of the victory of the age. The loudest ones are the proud talkers and those who do nothing. The loudest ones are those of whom you are ashamed in the highest offices in the land, as they betray the people and must continually apologize or not apologize for those wrong turns they continually make in the road of destiny of America.

Well, beloved, all of the wonderful people of the whole world add up to one thing, and that is that the greatness of God and his people—even though they may be fewer in number—those people of God who have causal bodies and an I AM Presence and a Holy Christ Self, they are the ones who hold the planet together. They are the ones who will have the victory. They are the ones who will be there for the fullness of the Aquarian age, beloved. For all the rest of these fallen angels will have long gone for their judgment to the Court of the Sacred Fire.

Do not be concerned with the sensationalizing of the news. Do not be concerned, beloved. These individuals are more concerned with their ratings than bringing the important news to the people. Let it be understood, then, beloved, that there is more than meets the eye. And Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty and the hosts of the LORD and the Darjeeling Council have not revealed their cards and they have not yet played all of them.

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